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Chris Rosebrough did a review of Brian Houston earlier in 2010:

When A Pirate Aims The Canon At Brian Houston…

Once again, Chris Rosebrough from ‘Fighting For The Faith’ did a solid biblical critique of Brian Houston’s teaching. He clearly reveals that one of the fundamental flaws of Hillsong’s ministry is Brian Houston’s incompetency in handling God’s Word correctly.

How can a man like Brian Houston lead thousands of Christians into error and not be held accountable to the false teachings he peddles? How can people sit and hear this unscriptural teaching?

Hear the sermon review below:

JANUARY 18, 2011



• Sarah Palin Battle Hymn
• Anointed Shofar CD Heals and Cures Everything
• The Pending “Sainthood” of the Late Pope John Paul II
• Sin and its Consequences
• Sermon Review, “Momentum Attracts” Brian Houston, Hillsong, Sydney, Australia

(Source: Sarah Palin Battle Hymn, http://www.fightingforthefaith.com/2011/01/sarah-palin-battle-hymn.html, 18/01/2011. Accessed 04/10/2012.)

Do not tolerate the false teaching that is is said in the name of God that contradicts the Word of God. We are commanded by God not too.

Please pray for Brian Houston and the Hillsong Movement and pray that they repent from this ear-tickling nonsense.