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Hillsong EndorsedWhy would Hillsong’s Darlene and Mark Zschech associate themselves and work with Kong Hee and Sun Ho? Why would they endorse Sun Ho media?

Here is Sun Ho in her music video ‘China Wine’. Why would Hillsong endorse this skanky-like video?

(Warning! If this image next to you is offensive, you will not want to watch this video!)

Sun Ho is called a ‘Geisha’ in the video. While we get the idea of a geisha being an 18th Century asian female entertainer, the word has changed in context in contemporary asian culture. This is why Kong Hee informed Christians that “pastors … wrote me angry emails calling Sun a “whore,” “hooker”.” They were right – Sun Ho was a geisha in the film clip.

So why do Hillsong leaders endorse this sexually foul video clip? What message are they sending to young Christians, children and non-believers?

Hillsong endorses this content