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In an older article, we recorded Kong Hee saying the following at a C3 Church Presence Conference where Hillsong leaders Darlene & Mark Zschech were present.

“It’s such a joy to be listening to J. John and Kelly and to see my good friend Darlene Zscheck and Mark. You know, Mark has really become a close brother because he is now a consultant of Ho Media Ministry you know, in our church. So Mark, we’re counting on you. You know, if we don’t dominate the world in the next ten years, it’s all your fault.” [Source]

So what was Kong Hee’s relationship with Hillsong? Did Kong Hee always like Darlene or Mark Zschech? Or did Kong Hee use them or Hillsong to further his wife’s music career? Does he still have a relationship with Hillsong or Darlene and Mark Zschech?

We say this because ‘CHC Confessions’ recently posted this comment,

This was originally from John Lim posted in the comments section. It is more visible to stay as a post.

Quote point#4 from the email:

“This is a personal question. There is a 40-year old Australian singer by the name of Darlene Zschech (residing in Sydney) whom Sun has known for many years. She is more a classical, inspirational-type singer like Josh Groban or Sarah Brightman, She is not Asian but has been quite competitive in her attitudes toward Sun in the past many years. Ever since she heard that Sun has crossovered into Hollywood and USA, Darlene has been rather intense in her demeanor toward Sun. There is a now a rumor circulating in the Singapore-Sydney grapevine that David Foster is collaborating with Darlene in a new album production for the US market. Question: any truth in that?”

Email screenshot (Kong Hee to Justin Herz): http://img841.imageshack.us/img841/5179/oiwh.jpg


Source: CHC Confessions, Facebook, https://www.facebook.com/CHCConfessions/posts/667873969898650, 14/09/2013. (Accessed 14/09/2013.)