Worldview Weekend (WVW) recently scrutinised the dangers of the Hillsong movement. Click on the link below to hear their radio program.

They wrote,

Australian Cameron Buettel joins Brannon to explain the theological problems with Australian Pastor Brian Houston who is pastor of Hillsong church and is now becoming nationally known and has planted a church in New York with his son now reportedly planting a church in California. Hillsong is now exporting so-called worship music all over the world and your church likely sings their songs. Cameron explains the problem with the theology of Brian Houston as well as the music of Hillsong. Topic: Is man-centered theology the foundation of much of this music? Is this music being used to get people to not think theologically but emotionally? Is such music being used to also create a sense of collectivism and group think? Topic: What is the connection between Brian Houston and Rick Warren, Mark Driscoll, Joel Osteen, Judah Smith and other theologically troubled individuals?

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Source: World View Weekend,, Accessed 14/02/2014.