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For years it has been proven that Hillsong is an unbiblical Word of Faith cult. This is what is noticeable of Hillsong,

1. They have redefined the Christian church,

2. They undermine and attack biblical Christianity orthodoxy by labelling them as “critics”, “dead”, “dying”, “religious”, etc.

3. They have redefined the pastoral office,

4. They preach a false gospel,

5. They present a false Jesus,

6. They reject the authority of scripture,

7. They elevate Brian Houston above the Word of God to an infallible Messiah-like prophet/teacher/leader/visionary who cannot be questioned.

8. They redefined the role of Christian worship in church

9. They use music as an agent to infiltrate churches by influencing youth and other less discerning people.

10. They take over churches and rebrand them into their movement.

So how does Hillsong get away with it?

Well it’s called marketing. And not just marketing – Hillsong engages with ‘brainwashing’. That is, they trick people’s minds to believe irrational concepts and contradictions. Not only is this done in their music and preaching, it’s done in their manipulative and misleading marketing campaigns. And we know how manipulative the marketing world is.

We say all this to bring your attention to the marketing of this year’s Hillsong Conference 2014 just past.


If a group is trying to look Christian, they tend to blend in so as to look as orthodox as possible. They will often try to use fallacious arguments (which Hillsong uses), convince you that your ‘feelings’ are God telling you to join their movement (which Hillsong uses), rewrite their history to look more legitimate (which Hillsong does) and use other distracting means to convince you they are a legitimate movement.

Rather than take any form of biblical stance to give the impression they are orthodox, Hillsong simply uses mass media to mislead people into believing they are an orthodox Christian movement. Hillsong again is showing this to be the case in their latest ‘No Other Name’ campaign.

You may think we are overreacting. “You’re being harsh!”

Perhaps. But are we wrong?

When a Christian thinks ‘No Other Name’, what do you think might come to their mind?

1. Jesus     2. God     3. Hillsong     4. Stuart     5. Brian Houston

Every Christian shoud say ‘Jesus’ as their answer. The answer is implied if you know the sciptures,

“This Jesus is the stone that was rejected by you, the builders, which has become the cornerstone. And there is salvation in no one else, for there is no other name under heaven given among men by which we must be saved.” Acts 4:11-12 

But is this how Hillsong marketed Jesus? We monitored the very slick Hillsong campaign operating at the conference and we demonstrate why their marketing was so misleading with their ‘no other name’ slogan. Below is an image that illustrates the deceit of this campaign. Do you think they are implying Jesus in their slogan… or something else?

NoOtherName_18-08-2014Bear in mind, the slogan backdrop was marketed everywhere at the Hillsong Conference. To anyone watching online, you were continually bombarded with the implication that there was no other name but Hillsong.

proof_HillsongConference_18-08-2014A very clever marketing strategy – in Christ alone, or in Hillsong alone? This is a carefully crafted marketing campaign. And this would have been given a lot of thought. (Looks like Jesus was not worth putting on their.)

If you can’t prove theologically that you are a legitimate Christian movement, bombard Christians with misleading advertising gimmicks to make them think you’re orthodox.

The bottom line is that if a church is saying ‘No Other Name’, you would think that they would be promoting Jesus, not their church brand. They are putting links that should not be there.

You have to ask the question, why replace Jesus with ‘Hillsong’?