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01 Hillsong Marketing Scam


power of association: cars get you good looking girls

We all know advertising agencies are often paid big dollars to produce innovative and effective marketing campaigns, using the powers of suggestion, association and implication in visual and audio media to manipulate people to buy things they would not usually buy.

These “market managers” carefully consider what is presented to their audience. They consider visual placement of objects when advertising their client’s product. If it is an advertising campaign, insinuation and association are very powerful.


So if a church movement decides to use marketing, you would hope they would market with integrity – that is, to simply promote awareness of who they are, what they are doing in upcoming events or what they have to offer people. The last thing you would expect a church to do is market dishonestly.

Sadly however, Hillsong appears to exploit Christianity through their marketing gimmicks. More specifically, they appear to have no conscience in the way they exploit their “marketplace” i.e. members, through these same secular marketing methods. What’s becoming more evident is how Hillsong appears to distort scriptures to convince members to believe dangerous ideas about their movement, their pastor and who their god is.

We say all this to bring to your attention to this work of Michaelangelo found in the Vatican’s Sistine Chapel:

Take notice of the space between God’s hand and Adam’s hand. They are practically touching. In Hillsong marketing, who do you think is going to ‘fill in the gap’?

With Hillsong’s no other name campaign, Brian Houston decided to do a sermon on ‘No Other Name’. But what do you think of Hillsong’s marketing arm for ‘no other name’ on this?


Source: By Hillsong Church, Hillsong TV // No Other Name, Pt1 with Brian Houston, Vimeo,, July 10, 2014 1:52 AM. (Accessed 25/08/2014.)


Do you honestly think it is a coincidence that the finger of  God and the finger of Adam, are pointing to “Hillsong” and “Brian Houston”? Why didn’t they point to “NO OTHER NAME”? “No other name” is about Jesus right? And why did Hillsong red stripe out the hand of God?

(If you type ‘no other name’ in Google, you will eventually stumble upon the above ‘No other name’ Michelangelo graphic.)



Deception is misleading others through lies or trickery. Like leaven, it grows and changes whatever it contacts. You don’t notice it until it is too late. Sadly, Hillsong flourishes these days because they have reshaped the gospel into the kind of “product” the consumers are willing to tolerate. Bottom line, Hillsong has placed its focus on man, not on God where it belongs. And the body of Christ should never be made to “conform” to the needs of a consumer-driven culture.

Proverbs 10:9 “Whoever walks in integrity walks securely, but he who makes his ways crooked will be found out.”