Ever wonder why Brian Houston often tweets “theology” that shuns “the negative” and encourages people to “ignore the critical”?

Brian Houston recently tweeted,

Shun the negative – Ignore the critical – Despise the rumors – Reject hearsay – Disregard the gossiper –

Source: Brian Houston, @BrianCHouston, Twitter, https://twitter.com/BrianCHouston/status/487467997078904833, 10:26PM 10/07/2014. (Accessed 09/09/2014.)

To which someone responded with this,

And quite possibly ignore what God might be trying to say….just saying

Source: Brian Houston, @SandyLynRyan, Twitter, https://twitter.com/SandyLynRyan/status/487515671501099008, 1:36AM 11/07/2014. (Accessed 09/09/2014.)

So what is the answer to the question? If they can shut their critics up – does it enhance their theological credibility? Given that these pastors have sold out to the purpose-driven leadership model rather than being undershepherds who guard the flock under the Chief Shepherd’s watchful eye, don’t they see that censoring criticism chokes off feedback vital for their form of “ministry”?

And as @SandyLynRyan clearly indicates – criticism often comes with a morsel of truth attached.

Just saying……