Angry Brian Houston

This week’s Sunday message by Brian Houston had no gospel. This message was damage control. The message was intentionally designed to manipulate people for his sake. In this message Brian Houston lied in his sermon and had deliberately twisted scriptures to arm his followers to silence people who dared question Hillsong and their leaders. (We will be covering his lies and twisted scripture in later articles.)

In connection with this, our authentic and transparent Brian Houston recently tweeted propaganda that promoted his fraudulent Sunday Message.

Sin pays us wages for what we deserve but grace gives the “gift of righteousness” which is totally undeserved. #freedomfromshame

Source: BrianCHouston, Instagram,, 13/10/2014. (Accessed 13/10/2014.)

Someone by the name of Raymond Mizzi challenged Brian Houston with questions about the cover up. What was Brian Houston’s response?

@raymondmizzi You make assumptions and judgments on things you know nothing about. Self righteousness is ugly bro.


Typical of Brian Houston, he has now deleted his comment.

If anything – the way Brian and Hillsong have responded to the Royal Commission and to the general public have left no doubt in our mind that they are a dangerous cult. If you are concerned with our opinion being too strong, look at the other comments in the screen grab that attacked Raymond Mizzi. Those comments should concern both the general public and Christians around the world.

Hillsong’s prophet Brian Houston needs to step down before this movement gets even more dangerous and out of control.