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Brian Houston Royal Commission hearingAfter Brian Houston’s abysmal behaviour at the Royal Commission and the emerging shocking revelations of his poor leadership over his dad, it was reported to us that only a select few of Brian’s pastors came to support him at the Royal Commission. No family. No church members.

In light of this, here was Hillsong’s response this Sunday morning to their false prophet.

You will also notice that in the above clip, Hillsong edited out Brian Houston’s second statement and sermon. (It appears they don’t want critics to get hold of it.)

In spite of this, the Daily Telegraph reports what was disclosed in the morning session,

Hillsong leader Brian Houston breaks silence on paedophile father: ‘It was wrong not to report him’

HILLSONG Church head Brian Houston told thousands of his followers it was wrong of him not to report his paedophile father to police, but said other senior church leaders also knew and did nothing.

Giving his first sermon at Hillsong’s church-cum-convention centre at Baulkham Hills yesterday since testifying last week at the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse, Mr Houston said no one advised him to report his pastor father Frank after he was told in 1999 that Frank had molested a boy in a Sydney household in the 1970s.

Mr Houston told the congregation of more than 3000 that the victim, known as AHA, whom his late father tried to buy forgiveness from with $10,000, did not want the allegations investigated by the police or the church.

“You had a situation where this was the first time I had ever heard about my father’s abuses. There was victim, a survivor, who was adamant he did not want a police investigation and he didn’t want a church investigation,” he said.

“So I genuinely believed at the time, by the way no one gave me any advice to counter this, that if he wanted to go the police, he was 36, he could. Obviously if it was someone who was still a child we would have had no choice but to report it. It seems I was wrong and that will form part of the findings.”

Mr Houston also read out a prepared statement in which he said media reports of his testimony did not give the “full story” and headlines could be “misleading”.

He said paying victim AHA had nothing to do with him despite the royal commission hearing the victim had contacted him about Frank Houston failing to pay as promised.

Two weeks later the $10,000 cheque was delivered.

“There have been reports of money being paid to the victim. Again for clarification, this was between my father and the victim. It had nothing to do with me or Hillsong Church,” he said.

The commission had heard Hillsong founder Brian Houston was national president of the Assemblies of God Church from 1997 to 2009 and in charge when his father was outed as a serial paedophile. It also heard the episodes of sexual abuse of seven boys by Frank Houston happened in the 1960s and 70s. All but one, AHA, were abused in New Zealand where Frank Houston preached.

In yesterday’s sermon, Mr Houston denied the church tried to cover up the abuse.

Frank Houston died in 2004

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