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Chris Rosebrough has decided to review a bit of a speech from Hillsong’s Christine Caine. He also has decided to weigh in on the Hillsong child sex abuse scandal and Hilsong’s stance on homosexuality.

OCTOBER 23, 2014

Are Your Frogs Holding You Back?

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Program segments:

• William Tapley Weighs In on Bishops Synod
• Christine Caine & the Worst Inspirational Sermon Ever
• Hillsong Update RE: Child Abuse Scandal & Refusal to Take a Stand of Homosexuality
• Sermon Review: Against All Odds by Troy Gramling

Source: Chris Rosebrough, Are Your Frogs Holding You Back?, Fighting for the Faith, http://www.fightingforthefaith.com/2014/10/are-your-frogs-holding-you-back.html, Published 23/10/2014. (Accessed 24/10/2014.)

What are your thoughts on Chris Rosebrough’s critique on Christine Caine’s speech; his thoughts on the Hillsong child abuse scandal; and how he dealt with Brian Houston’s stance on homosexuality?

Christine Caine Hillsong

Don’t let this Caine Toad into your church…