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Is Justin Bieber A Member of The Religious Cult Hillsong?

Pop star Justin Bieber is hanging out with his friend and pastor Carl Lentz over the Thanksgiving break. The Biebs posted a photo of him making a snowman with one of Lentz’s young daughters. His fans think it’s sweet.

Lentz, the 36-year-old hipster who preaches at Hillsong NYC (a spin-off of the Australian Evangelical megachurch Hillsong), met Bieber in 2008 when Bieber was just 14. “I have a special role in Justin’s life, spiritually,” Lentz told the New York Postrecently. Lentz is not your stereotypical pastor. He favors mohawks, tattoos, rap and skinny jeans. Hillsong has a troubled history including the fact that its founder confessed to molesting a 7-year-old (he was never prosecuted). The megachurch is considered by some to be a cult.

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