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Quite a while ago, we looked at Steve West, and the Australian media, expose the appalling systematic and problematic behaviour found in Hillsong and its leadership.

The Steve West & Hillsong Saga (Part 1)
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When Steve West Went To The Media

What came out of this media saga was Brian Houston’s personal response:

Brian Houston Responds To The Steve West Media Saga

While this response was for his church members and external audiences, Brian Houston’s friend George Aghajanian also responded to the media by writing a letter specifically to Hillsong members.

There were a few sections in the letter below that caught our eye which we will respond to in future articles (some in relation to the Royal Commission) . However, this got Steve West’s attention:

“If you have any questions or concerns, I would encourage you to speak to our leadership or pastoral team. Our website contains further information on our church governance policies and you can always speak directly to me or my team.”

Steve West exposed the facade of George Aghajanian and the “Elders and Board of Hillsong Church”.

I noted dryly that George said in the letter that Hillsong doesn’t refuse to meet up with people who want to see the books.

That was never my allegation.

I met up with George, yes.

But he showed me NOTHING.

Source: Steve West (Emblazoned), Hillsong’s Snailing Love for Brian Houston, Signposts02, https://signposts02.wordpress.com/2010/08/09/hillsongs-snailing-love-for-brian-houston/#comment-12447, Published 9/08/2010 AT 10:47 PM. (Accessed 15/05/2015.)

The point is, no one can trust Hillsong’s leaders when they resort to postmodern obfuscation and word games. That is, unless you have been conditioned by this type of trickery you are about to read.

Signposts02 writes,

Now I was emailed by an anonymous person what George Aghajanian was doing in Hillsong. He is the Hillsong general manager and he has snail-mailed this letter during the week about the Sunday Telegraph article.

hs-ga1 hillsong letter lies bully

hs-ga1 hillsong letter lies bully 2

Source: S&P, Hillsong’s Snailing Love for Brian Houston, Signposts02, https://signposts02.wordpress.com/2010/08/09/hillsongs-snailing-love-for-brian-houston/, Published 09/08/2010. (Accessed 15/05/2015.)