People have assumed that Mark Driscoll was a threat and a distraction to Hillsong Conference 2015. Let us assure you, there are worse speakers at Hillsong Conference 2015. One example of this was last year’s infallible “führer” Bill Hybels:

Führer Bill Hybels invents Führergesis; applauds Visionary leadership of Hillsong

When false teachers, prophets and leaders lead the church, nothing good can come from their leadership. A good example of this is Bill Hybels, who oversees Willow Creek. We’ve stressed for a long time that when the standard of the church is the pastor’s vision, God’s authoritative Word is maligned and sidelined. When this happens then you can expect apostasy to be committed in the name of God.

This year Brian Houston is speaking at Bill Hybel’s Global Leadership Summit. One has to ask why Houston is doing this when Hybel’s is further compromising and turning his back on God’s Word on same sex issues. After all, Brian Houston believes n the teachings of the Apostle Paul right?

Brian Houston’s statement: ‘defending’ every wind of doctrine?

And as we’ve heard at a recent Reformation Project conference, to submit to something outside of God’s Word results in “infallible stupidity”. [link] Stand Up for the Truth writes,


Kicking off today in Atlanta is the Reformation Project conference designed to train and equip leaders to advocate for homosexual Christians. Among those leading: an openly gay worship leader from Willow Chicago, a satellite campus of the well-known Willow Creek Community Church in South Barrington, Ill., pastored by Bill Hybels.

The worship leader, Darren Calhoun, has issued a statement through Willow Creek:

Darren Calhoun, Willow Creek worship leader

I’m a follower of Jesus,” Calhoun wrote. “My church community is Willow Chicago, the downtown campus of Willow Creek Community Church. There, I’ve served as a volunteer for eight years in various parts of our arts ministries including leading worship. … I’m also gay. As a Christian, I’ve been on a long journey to reconcile the reality of my orientation with the various views that the church world has on the topic of people who are attracted to the same sex. … At Willow, I was able to begin a journey of celibacy and prayerfully discerning what that means for my life.

I can just hear it now: “Oh, but he says he is celibate,” says the compromising church. DOES NOT MATTER. He is holding hands and advocating with Matthew Vines as a Reformation Project leader representing an org that is diligently trying to get the Church to accept homosexuality. He is still rebelling against God.

Willow Creek spokeswoman Heather Larson told WORLD News Group’s Warren Cole Smith that Willow Creek establishing an openly gay man in leadership at the church does not signal a change in direction for Willow Creek.

This begs some questions: Heather, what statement of policy are you talking about, and how did it not change? Second, why does Willow Creek appoint leaders who are openly rebelling against God? And third, for all of you Willow Creek Association members out there who have scolded your sheep for years when they have brought concerns to your leadership about participating in Bill Hybels Global Leadership Summit: Do you think that perhaps you should reconsider your participation now, and perhaps issue an apology to those you’ve berated for their concerns?

Accounts of churches folding to the gay agenda are coming quickly now, in the wide wake of Tony Campolo’s revelation this week that he has “changed his mind” (no he hasn’t), and is now advocating for full inclusion of LGBTQ members into churches everywhere. This announcement motivated David Neff, the former editor of Christianity Today (CT), a former board member of the National Association of Evangelicals, to congratulate Campolo on his Facebook page for his change of heart. Says current CT editor Mark Galli:

“[W]e were surprised when … David Neff … praised Campolo’s move,” Galli wrote in an editorial posted Tuesday on the magazine’s website. “We’re saddened that David has come to this conclusion. Saddened because we firmly believe that the Bible teaches that God intends the most intimate of covenant relationships to be enjoyed exclusively by a man and a woman. We’ve stated this view explicitly in many editorials, and it is implicit but clear in many of our feature stories.”

“Tony Campolo yesterday, David Neff today. Who will find the courage to do so next?” asked Matthew Vines, author of God and the Gay Christian. “These are exciting times!”

I’d say these are troubling times for the sheep. Gird your loins: more are falling.

HT: Sue Johnson

Troubled about Willow Creek, or your church’s relationship with the Willow Creek Association? Read this: Here’s your Willow Creek/Global Leadership Summit research

Source: By Amy Spreeman, OPENLY GAY WILLOW CREEK LEADER TO SPEAK AT MATTHEW VINES’ CONFERENCE, Stand Up For the Truth, http://standupforthetruth.com/2015/06/openly-gay-willow-creek-leader-to-speak-at-matthew-vines-conference/, Published 11/06/2015. (Accessed 12/06/2015.)