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To be honest, we don’t like focusing on the celebrity world.

Sadly, because Hillsong makes a big deal of it, some people have contacted us privately and want us to start looking at the issues emerging with Hillsong and their desperate attempts to drag celebrities into their New Age movement. Many people have observed that Hillsong are leeching off the credibility of the celebrity to bolster their street cred in both the secular and Christian worlds.

Our apologies if this is not your type of article.


The sin of Hillsong is made more apparent when you see they lack any form of Christian understanding of the Holy Spirit and biblical authority when dealing with celebrities that want to live their own way. While we hope people like Justin Beiber can find faithful churches that don’t flaunt their celebrity status and encourage them to live upright and normal lives, it is in the interest of our readers to see how Hillsong is failing in this duty. We can observe Hillsong’s floundering in being Christian leaders when we examine what their celebrities behave like.

The below article reveals how poor Hillsong’s “Christianity” is to people like Beiber. After making “spectacular mistakes”, Carl Lentz has been reported saying that Beiber had come halfway around the world to make sure “his heart is right” to attend the annual Hillsong Mecca conference.

So according to Lentz, Beiber is going to Hillsong Conference to make sure “his heart is right?”

Lentz is out of line

First of all, Lentz is out of line from Hillsong’s standards in judging the heart. According to Hillsong’s idea of God only judging the heart, Lentz is now playing God.

Hillsong continually reinforces the idea that no one can judge another person because only God can judge the heart. Once again, Hillsong has exposed themselves of this double standard where only the leaders are a type of “God,” judging the hearts of their followers. This time, it was Carl Lentz publicly announcing his judgment on Justin Beiber’s heart. This is a form of spiritual abuse that can manipulate members to do what the pastor wants. In this case Lentz is using Beiber’s heart to manipulate him to come to Hillsong Conference Australia. Our opinion is that he is using him to sell Hillsong Conference Australia (which worked).

The reason why we say this is because Hillsong Conference is also in America. Why couldn’t Beiber have simply attended that Conference and not the Sydney Conference?

Secondly, Lentz is out of line for disclosing personal information as Beiber’s pastor. His comment does not respect the privacy of Justin Beiber’s “spiritual walk.” It only makes Lentz look as though he enjoys this tabloid journalism experience.

RIghteousness taught by Christianity

The above is a very revealing comment considering Christians go to church to learn how God has made us right before Him through Christ and His finished work (the gospel). Christians rely on Christ’s work not just to make their hearts right before God but their entire lives. This is called sanctification and this means our spirit, mind, heart, soul and our lives are transformed for the glory of God.

Righteousness taught by Hillsong

Carl Lentz is promoting not the gospel but legalism which is the antithesis of the Christian message (salvation by works). We can’t make our hearts right before God on our own. Beiber flying to his spiritual Mecca to make his heart right before God is a useless ritual that can send him to hell and will still make him live a life of unrepentance. Lentz spouted nothing but neo-pagan mysticism, a worldly teaching which Hillsong is guilty of promoting for decades through their “worship experiences”. And thankfully, some seculiar media outlets are now seeing that Beiber is involved in a New Age movement.

As you can see, holiness and repentance of sins was NOT preached at Hillsong Conference and Beiber clearly made “his heart right” on his own terms. Tell us, can you see God working in his life after his Mecca experience?

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One has to ask how on earth Carl Lentz is pastoring this poor soul.

The Daily Telegraph reports,

Justin Bieber just ‘wants to make his heart right’ says Hillsong pastor Carl Lentz

JUSTIN Bieber revealed his renewed religious fervour yesterday, declaring at Sydney’s Hillsong conference: “I was blind but now I see.”

The pop megastar came to Australia to be part of the congregation and not to preach but, as well as quoting the lines from John 9:25, Bieber spoke to #hillsong-backstage, telling its online audience: “I love you guys. Jesus loves you.”

Justin Beiber Leaves Allphones Arena

Justin Bieber pictured leaving Allophones arena. Picture: Matrix

The man behind Bieber’s surprise visit, New York’s Hillsong pastor Carl Lentz, said, after making “spectacular mistakes”, the 21-year-old had come halfway round the world to make sure “his heart is right”.

Speaking at the Hillsong Sydney Conference the pastor, who counts stars like Bono, Vanessa Hudgens and Stephen Baldwin among his church members, described his relationship with Bieber as like “regular friends who talk all the time”.

The ‘rock star’ Hillsong pastor Carl Lentz. Picture: Instagram

The ‘rock star’ Hillsong pastor Carl Lentz. Picture: Instagram

Justin Bieber at Hillsong in Sydney. Picture: Instagram

Justin Bieber at Hillsong in Sydney. Picture: Instagram

The former college dropout who found God in Sydney and went on to be named as one of 37 people under the age of 35 reshaping the world by Esquire magazine, spoke candidly about his relationship with Bieber, who was brought up a Christian.



“We met when Justin was 14 after his mum reached out and we’ve become close from that day. He’s a part of our lives and has lived with us for weeks on end,” Lentz, 36, said.

Attendees gather outside Acer Arena where the Hillsong Church is holding a week long conv

Attendees gather outside Acer Arena where the Hillsong Church is holding a week long convention.

Lentz, whose met his Australian wife in Sydney, said it was amazing Bieber was so “kind and normal”.

“I can’t even explain the suffocating nature of the kind of fame that he has. If he’s going through something horrible, we’ll talk about it. If he makes a decision where I think he could have done something wiser, we’ll talk about it,” he said.

Lentz was adamant his 21-year-old pal was on the right path: “He flew halfway round the world at the busiest time of the year for him just for a church conference. It shows you what matters to him.”

Justin Bieber yesterday told #hillsongbackstage that Lentz had changed his life. Picture:

Justin Bieber yesterday told #hillsongbackstage that Lentz had changed his life. Picture: Instagram

Justin Bieber and Carl Lentz have known each other since Justin was 14. Picture: Instagra

Justin Bieber and Carl Lentz have known each other since Justin was 14. Picture: Instagram/Judah Smith

Sydney Olympic Park is not known as a rock star hangout but Bieber has made the five-star Pullman hotel at Homebush his low-key base for his low-key visit, next to the Allphones Arena where the conference has attracted delegates from around the world at $350 each.

Hillsong founder Brian Houston told the congregation that it left a $1.3 million shortfall in the cost and prayed for people to be generous and donate. The church he set up in Sydney 30 years ago is now bigger in the US than Australia.

Bieber yesterday told #hillsongbackstage that Lentz had changed his life and, while this was his first Hillsong conference, it would not be his last: “I’m having a great time. It’s pretty awesome.

“The music is incredible. What they are doing is incredible, I support it 100 per cent.”

Source: By Janet Fif-Yeomans & Matt Bamford, Justin Bieber just ‘wants to make his heart right’ says Hillsong pastor Carl Lentz, The Daily Telegraph, http://www.dailytelegraph.com.au/entertainment/sydney-confidential/justin-bieber-just-wants-to-make-his-heart-right-says-hillsong-pastor-carl-lentz/story-fni0cvc9-1227422525508, Published 01/07/2015. (Accessed 05/07/2015.)