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Tanya Levin just released a new letter she received from Hillsong cult elder, George Aghajanian.

Royal Commission - George Aghajanian

Notice the false accusation made by Hillsong in this letter where they say Levin “caused significant disruption to the meetings you attended”.

“We refer to your prior attendance at Hillsong Church and associated conferences where you have caused significant disruption to the meetings you attended.

As a result of your conduct, we require that you immediately and permanently cease to enter any of our Church properties or any property that is hired or utilized for the purposes of facilitating a Church event or activity.

– Your right as a member of the public to enter into any of our private premises is unequivocally withdrawn;

– You are not permitted to enter any of our Church properties;

– If you choose to ignore this notice and enter any of our Church properties or events, we will ask you to leave and further reserve the right to pursue an action for trespass. We may immediately notify the police of your breach of this Banning Notice;

– For the purpose of clarification, Church properties include any property associated with the religious services or administration of Hillsong Church, including but not limited to buildings located at 1-5 Solent Circuit, Baulkham Hills NSW 2153.

You may be also prosecuted should you fail to comply with this Banning Notice.


George Aghajanian
General Manager


This level of integrity displayed fom Hillsong does not surprise us. In fact, we’re expecting another defaming and unChristian article from Hillsong’s propaganda “Bible” Society rag against Tanya Levin.

Let the sledge BEGIN!

Let the sledge BEGIN!