The Hillsong cult-leader Brian Houston, is once again making headlines with A Current Affair.

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A Current Affair reports,

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For more context on Brian Houston’s aggressive behaviour towards the woman at the Royal Commission, read our article here:

Exclusive – Brian Houston: “I got attacked by a protester”

A Current Affair writes,

Inside Hillsong

He’s the cult-like leader who loves his flock and knows just how to get to its hip pocket.

Tonight, A Current Affair goes inside the private world of Hillsong head Brian Houston.

Hillsong have responded to our story. You can read the full statement below.

Statement by Hillsong Church

Over many years, ‘A Current Affair’ (ACA) has waged what we believe to be a dishonest campaign against Hillsong Church. While Hillsong Church – like all churches – is a charity, the premise behind these stories is based on a misrepresentation by confusing a church and a welfare organisation (Public Benevolent Institution – PBI). We note that giving to churches is NOT tax deductible, while giving to PBIs is.

The primary function of Christian churches across the world – regardless of denomination – is to build people’s spiritual lives, and meet the fundamental needs of faith: discipleship, teaching, worship, missions and church planting. On top of these basic spiritual building blocks, Hillsong Church is committed to world class youth and children’s programs, ministries for all ages, pastorally supporting families and marriages, counselling services and hospital support, as well as general pastoral care to thousands within and beyond our church community. Hillsong Church also runs a successful Bible College with over 1500 students attending from all over the world who come to study. The income of the college is invested back into the costs of the college. In order to facilitate these basic church functions, we require facilities, staff, utilities and general administration – like any other church or PBI; we would not function without them. These needs are met through the income of Hillsong Church – ALL income of Hillsong Church goes toward the not-for-profit objectives of our ministry, including, but not limited to those mentioned above.

What about welfare?

On top of these basic church-focused functions, Hillsong Church has a thriving welfare arm that focuses solely ‘outwardly’ to both our local and global communities. The generosity of Hillsong Church parishioners over many years has built schools and homes in Africa, provided anti-retroviral drugs to AIDS patients, sponsored thousands upon thousands of children, rescued and rehabilitated trafficked sex workers, and provided food and education for thousands of less fortunate children in nations such as India and the Philippines. Each week, hundreds of families in Australia are provided with emergency relief services, food and beverages, basic household supplies, and utility vouchers free of charge, from our City Care department. This local arm of our church also provides free counselling to members of the community by qualified individuals.

Our partnerships with such organisations as World Vision Australia, Compassion Mission Australia and the Salvation Army are paramount to our ongoing commitment to the community.

People who attend Hillsong Church give of their own free will to the work of the church and the spending of Hillsong is in line with the expectations of those who give. People have every right to give their own money (which they have paid tax on) to whatever cause they like. Christians are passionate about the work and the ministries of the church – youth, children’s evangelism etc – and those who give to Hillsong believe in and support the work of Hillsong Church, much like those who give to other churches support whatever those churches do (and it should be noted that almost ALL Christian churches in Australia run similar types of ministries. The emphasis by ACA on money paints a very inaccurate picture. Thousands – indeed hundreds of thousands globally – are helped every year in their spiritual, emotional and physical lives. All involved with Hillsong are passionate about the Gospel and about helping people.

Source: By ninemsn staff, Inside Hillsong, A Current Affair,, Published 25/11/2015. (Accessed 25/11/2015.)