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Hillsong’s a church… and a charity… can’t you tell?

They do Christian Christmas carrols better than the world. Look how relevant Hillsong is – not even the world has taken this song to this… level.

We tend to think that all the faithful men in Hillsong “church” decided to cross their legs in this “traditional” Christmas carol.

P.S If you’re a hater and a blogger, judge not lest ye be judged. You’re just jealous of what you’re missing out on at Hillsong and want in on Hillsong’s successes. #IllHaveWhatShesHaving #TheBestIsYetToCome #LiveLoveLEGS! #UnsilentNight

Note: A few hours after we posted this video, it was “made private” by Hillsong; the video on this page now is a copy of the original.

[Click to Download]

Source: By Hillsong Church London, Silent Night – Hillsong Church London – Hillsong Carols 2014, Youtube, https://youtu.be/FIzxWBr4ZDE, Accessed 16/12/2015.