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Brian Houston’s “success secret” in building his Hillsong empire is not because of his faith in God, or his love for people. Rather, Brian Houston’s success rests solely on his paedophile father (Frank Houston) who founded CLC and then merged his mass ‘move of God’ into Brian Houston’s church before he was exposed for molesting children.

Frank-Brian_Hillsong_CLC_Royal Commission

Face it – Hillsong’s success story is not a rags to riches story.

Brian Houston has deliberately lied to various media groups and the general public about his church’s past, omitting the facts of his father’s involvement with his early beginnings.

The reality is that Brian Houston’s success was founded on the fraudulent ministry of the paedophile Frank Houston. And it took the son of a paedophile to cover up his father’s crimes to merge their corporations to form the successful Hillsong empire. (Read more on the findings of the Royal Commission here.) Of course you will NEVER hear Brian Houston mention this.

The simple fact is this: Hillsong’s success was not founded on Jesus Christ but on lawless men. 


Hillsong is not even founded on God, the gospel or the scriptures. The proof of this is in Brian Houston’s own statements to the media.

Brian Houston Hillsong quote itching relevance

Recently, Sky News put out a tweet advertising their interview with Brian Houston.

FULL INTERVIEW: opens up to about the success of Hillsong

Source: Sky News Australia, Twitter, https://twitter.com/SkyNewsAust/status/674543296656445441Published 2:57 AM – 9,Dec 2015. (Accessed 02/02/2015.)


Brian Houston responded with this:

I so enjoyed speaking to tonight. Thank you for your kindness Richo. So good to get a fair hearing.

Source: Sky News Australia, Twitter, https://twitter.com/SkyNewsAust/status/674543296656445441Published 2:57 AM – 9 Dec 2015. (Accessed 02/02/2015.)


Below Brian Houston’s retweet was this comment by “Pastor” David Hall:

When Ps Andrew is praying even the media perform


So Brian Houston claimed he got a “fair hearing” and Andrew Evans believed this will be “one of the best and fairest interviews concerning Hillsong”. Andrew Evans was the former president of the Australian AOG/ACC before Brian Houston.


We need to ask the question, how was this interview with Brian Houston a fair hearing?

Brian publicly lied about his involvement with how he dealt with his father AGAIN in a public interview. That is not a fair hearing. That’s called bias and propaganda. It’s actually brainwashing. A form of cult-control. And the fact that Hillsong and AOG heavyweights were pushing the idea that this “interview” was fair should indicate to readers how corrupt these men really are. And we know Brian Houston and Hillsong have been very seriously pushing a media campaign to tell their own version of the facts in order to cover up what was exposed of him in the Royal Commission.

However, there was one thing that is worth noting  in this “fair” interview. Brian Houston is constantly asked by the media why Hillsong brand is so successful. In this interview, Brian Houston explained just  why Hillsong is relevant and effective:

Brian Houston Hillsong quote itching relevance2

“I really believe that there’s more of a spiritual hunger in Australia then a lot of people realise. I know the statistics are full of negativity about the church in decline. But I think when – you know- genuinely people can scratch where people are itching, the message itself is fantastic. The gospel of Jesus is a great, great message.”

So there you have it. You have the former president of the AOG/ACC still endorsing Brian Houston. Brian Houston, a man who does not know the gospel; who publicly confesses that he and his church are scratching ears; who covered up the crimes of his serial paedophile father and continues to blatantly lie in his media interviews

We are dealing with a “pastafia” that has no respect for God, truth and public authorities.

Listen to Chris Rosebrough review :

Brian Houston Admits to Scratching Itching Ears



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Source: Published: Chris Rosebrough, Brian Houston Admits to Scratching Itching Ears, http://www.piratechristian.com/fightingforthefaith/2016/1/st7z8hh3bvl9d2tzouwbv7rjicsu96, Published 28/01/2016. (Accessed 02/01/2016.)