Calvary Chapel’s founding pastor, Pedro Garcia has recently been removed from ministry due to ‘lifestyle issues”. Before looking at this, we think it is important that readers look at Garcia’s association with Hillsong and what Brian Houstons says his ‘Hillsong Family’ is.


Calvary Chapel was assimilated into the Hillsong Family a few years ago. Ken Silva from Apprising ministres observed the assimilation happening:


Brian and Bobbie Houston with Pedro Garcia:


This is a screen grab from today (01/08/2016):


We have the screen grab back in 09/02/2015 to prove that Pedro and his wife are legitimate pastors in the Hillsong Family.


Brian Houston explains what the ‘Hillsong Family’ is (although you can’t trust a man who is known around the world as a compulsive liar):

About Hillsong Family

The HILLSONG FAMILY is a group of like-spirited, forward thinking, kingdom-building visionaries and ministries working TOGETHER for a greater cause. This group of churches and ministries are joining our ‘FAMILY’ in an effort to develop and strengthen one another – a family relationship in which to find wisdom and encouragement, spiritual accountability and support as they continue to build the church and ministry that God has uniquely called them to do.

This is not the foundation or beginnings of a Hillsong ‘denomination’, nor are they ‘Hillsong Churches’. The spirit behind the HILLSONG FAMILY is empowering rather than controlling; with each of the churches listed below maintaining their own name, autonomy and identity. In trying to express what this looks like – we are simply formalizing a relationship that has already been communicated through culture, behaviour and word. Each of the people listed below have expressed loyalty and honour to Bobbie and I over many years and we are so excited to formalize this relationship and develop the opportunity to pour more of ourselves into their own leadership development. The Hillsong Family members will each be contributing to Hillsong’s global mission endeavours in various forms. These churches see Hillsong as their primary, but certainly not their only relationship or family.

Not to be mistaken, HILLSONG CHURCH is a single church with 12 global expressions. Hillsong Churches are campuses that were initially planted from Hillsong Sydney, whose Senior Pastors are Bobbie and I and whose Lead Pastors are encouraged in local initiative while outworking mutual mission and purpose within a greater framework.

The HILLSONG NETWORK is also still an incredibly valued part of our story.

We are more committed than ever to the churches in our Hillsong Network and excited to continue developing new, life-giving resources and connection – stepping up the meaningful interaction we have so enjoyed over the years. The Hillsong Network, however, is not a spiritual covering but a renewable membership; and a company of people embracing our cities and nations with the love, hope and goodness of a compassionate and faithful God as we gather annually to encourage one another.

HILLSONG’S HEART continues to be towards championing the cause of local churches EVERYWHERE – a mission and mandate we take seriously and will continue to outwork through our conferences, global worship projects and local campuses.

We have so many dear friends in ministry – some churches that we are incredibly close with, whose Pastors I see more as mentors and are not included on this list. There are also (intentionally) no other Australian churches currently on this list. However, as time moves on, we will extend the invitation for the HILLSONG FAMILY to other churches and ministries.

I am excited to watch what God will do as the HILLSONG FAMILY churches begin to work together and as we encourage our congregations towards a common vision; unite to participate in existing partnerships, global projects, missions and aid initiatives. I truly believe that when we unify, we have even greater impact.

I hope you will join me in welcoming the newest members of our family; and check out this webpage for more information on any of these churches and their ongoing ministries.

Source: Brian Houston, Hillsong,, Accessed 09/02/2015. 


Her is the statement from Calvary Kendall about Pedro Garcia and his wife:

Calvary | Congregation Statement

Some of you may be aware that Pedro and Lourdes Garcia have been absent from public ministry since February 2016. While there has been no marital infidelity or misuse of church funds, we came to realize that there were lifestyle issues that were not consistent with the scriptural standards for those who lead the church and which disqualifies Pedro and Lourdes from public ministry at Calvary Kendall at this time. The scriptural standards by which we hold our pastoral staff accountable can be found in I Peter 5:1-5, I Tim. 3:1-7, and Titus 1:6-9.

The leadership and Board of Calvary have been working with Pedro and his family to take practical steps towards restoration. We hope and pray that with time, we will be able to see fruits of restoration.

While it is our hope that Pedro will be restored to service in ministry, Because of the disqualification for service the Board had no other choice but to remove Pedro as Senior Pastor. The Board and Staff Leadership are in agreement that this is the best course of action for the church. This will allow the church to move forward with the New Testament principle to fulfill the vision of reaching the lost, helping the hurting, and building the church locally and globally.

The leadership is focused on the health and integrity of the family of believers at Calvary Kendall as well as the spiritual health and restoration of the Garcia family.

Pedro was the founding Pastor of this church and his investment and commitment over the years to this Church is deeply appreciated. For this, we will be forever grateful. His selflessness gave way to the creation of a platform that was centered on Christ and not just one man.

We remain committed to Pedro and Lourdes’ restoration to ministry and what lies ahead in terms of service is in God’s hands.

In all of these matters, the Board and pastoral leadership have sought to act in grace, wisdom and love in this situation and will continue to do so.

The future of Calvary Kendall continues to be clear and certain with leadership, solid teaching and a strong vision to fulfill its mission of bringing people to life through the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We believe Jesus is building the Church and the gates of hell will not prevail against it. We are grateful for all of our teams, leaders and volunteers, and together we will continue to build this Church. We are a community; a family and we will continue to lift up the name of Jesus in Kendall, Miami, and across the globe. We press on because the harvest is ready and Calvary will continue to do what it has always done for the building of the Kingdom, and we believe that the best is still yet to come.

Pastor JP will continue to lead the staff in day-to-day operations and serve as the church’s Executive Pastor. Pastor Alex Sagot will serve as the lead teaching pastor with a team of teachers to support the church.

We will continue as a Hillsong Family Church, and will be seeking their guidance and support working through this time in our church. We are thankful for their support during this process and look forward to a long lasting relationship.

We ask that the congregation of the church remain faithful. Please avoid any speculation and be confident that the leadership team that has been part of this church for many years remains intact.

Please join us in lifting the Garcia family in prayer. We all love them deeply and are convinced that their future is bright.

Let’s continue to keep our eyes on Jesus, our Lord, who has promised to build His church and who will continue to enable our pursuit of the mission and vision of Calvary Kendall.

Source: CalvaryConnect,, Accessed 01/08/2016.


Below, EmergentWatch broke the story of Ps Pedro Garcia and his wife for being removed. EmergentWatch writes,

Pedro Garcia Removed From Calvary Kendall Pastorate

“A recent comment on my blog has informed me that Pastor Pedro Garcia, of Calvary Kendall, has been removed from his position as head pastor, on account of : “Lifestyle issues that were not consistent with the scriptural standards…”. Not sure how long the statement has been posted, but from responses I was getting on my blog, it seems many people were unaware of what had happened. The comment on my blog says that Pedro was “caught doing drugs and abusing alcohol”. If this is true, it fits the category of “lifestyle issues” vs. other types of ‘issues’.


In any case, I feel very sad for the congregation(s) of Pedro’s affiliated churches; Especially as some people weren’t even aware that (apx. 2 yrs. ago) what used to a Calvary Chapel affiliate morphed into a “Hillsong Family Church”! Also around this time – in a thoroughly un-biblical move – Pedro had his wife ordained as a co-pastor.

The church statement continues: “While it is our hope that Pedro will be restored to service in ministry, Because of the disqualification for service the Board had no other choice but to remove Pedro as Senior Pastor. The Board and Staff Leadership are in agreement that this is the best course of action for the church”.

It is my hope that the church board and leadership would realize that the ‘Best course of Action” would be to dis-affiliate from Hillsong and return to biblical foundations.

Also see my EW video here:

Source: Published by 4philemon, Pedro Garcia Removed From Calvary Kendall Pastorate, EmergentWatch,, Published