Bethel Church of Redding, California and Hillsong of Sydney, Australia are not hiding their New Apostolic Reformation roots. The two leading NAR (self-appointed) narpostles have finally joined hands and have come out together as #kindredspirits.

Does this mean Hillsong will now embrace impartations, various powers and anointings from the dead as they now acknowledge having a kindred spirit with the #Bethelated spirit?

Expect glory clouds and fire tunnels at Hillsong and a rise of immorality and corruption at Bethel. No biblical accountability or governing authorities have held either men accountable to their sins and lawlessness. For more information on the third member of this #unholytrinity Shawn Bolz, can be found here:

Brian Houston put the following out on Instagram,

What a great and refreshing time speaking at Bethel’s Open Heaven Conference alongside@brevivedand @shawnbolz #blessed#kindredspirits #billjohnson

Source: Brian Houston, Instagram,, Published 06/10/2016. (Accessed 06/10/2016.)