How Brian Houston strives to win the world to Jesus…


It’s interesting to see that people are becoming more aware of Brian Houston’s social media campaign to further his ‘cult of personality’ and Hillsong. We were notified of this twitter exchange via Facebook and thought it gave an interesting insight into just how Brian Houston handles those he claims to care so much about.

Hillsong & Brian Houston Exposed

His online antics are hardly representative of pastoral behavior, to say the least. We encourage Christians, and non-Christians, to continue to challenge Brian Houston on social media and express your ongoing concerns to him.


How do you think Brian Houston should have responded towards the author of this tweet?


It’s easy to see that Brian Houston was not dealing with a Christian critic but the world he claims to strive to win. Is this the appropriate way to reach out to the lost?

@hillongLA and  are both horseshit for the truly deluded. RT

Source: Meghan Wilkes, Twitter,, 3:32 PM – 15 Dec 2014. (Accessed 17/12/2014.)

Be sure to check for yourself before ‘authentic and genuine’ Brian Houston’s response to Meghan mysteriously disappears (as is so often the case).

Brian Houston’s controversial concepts on Muslims & Homosexuals


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Hillsong has continually downplayed and rejected the Christian gospel and the need for repentance. The work of Cameron Buettel has continually exposed Hillsong’s continual lack of preaching the gospel of repentance.

As a result of this, we have noticed how Brian Houston has vehemently been grooming his church to be ecumenical and embrace different beliefs, ideas and forms of false “Christianity”.

Three things Brian Houston has been specifically pushing in Hillsong is Chrislam, (what we call) Queerstianity and pagan Roman Catholicism. In this article we will be looking at the definitions Brian Houston has provided so we can understand what he means by “Muslim” and “homosexual”. While Brian Houston is deliberately vague, he has provided us with just enough substance for us to see how his mind sees certain groups of individuals. In fact, he has created enough imagery for his audiences so he can conjure certain stereotypes in their minds.


hillsong islam muslimEarlier this year, we exposed Brian Houston gas-lighting his audience to believe that Muslims and Christians serve/worship the same God. We pointed out the fact that Brian Houston was promoting the false liberal “inclusive” gospel and was pushing the idea that Christians can embrace Muslims as our Christian brothers and sisters (Chrislam).

Brian Houston’s Allah “clarification” exposed the fact that he has no problem deliberately misleading Christians around the world over the things he believes. Furthermore, in his statement he claims,

“If you listened to the message in its entirety, my point was that; who a Muslim extremist believes God is, determines what they believe God does, and what they believe God loves.” [Source] [Emphasis ours]

In Brian Houston’s Allah clarification he linked Muslim to “Muslim extremist”. In other words Houston appears to link Muslims to Muslim terrorists. However, in his sermon there was no such link made. In his sermon, he only referred to Muslims once. In his well though-out clarification to the media why did Brian Houston link Muslims to extremists?

What does the word “extremist” normally conjure? What was Brian Houston hoping to achieve in this?


hillsong lgbtqi gay homosexualThis year we also published a series of articles exposing Brian Houston grooming his church to embrace what we call Queerstianity.

The Anthony Venn-Brown, John Shelby Spong and Ben Gresham connection have effectively been pushing the same-sex agenda behind the pulpit of Hillsong. As a result, Brian Houston and Hillsong are furthering the gay agenda.

Recently Brian Houston and his church hit American headlines over Houston’s remarks over same sex issues in America. As a result of Houston’s controversial statements, it appeared that some journalists, bloggers and apologists were digging through our articles and started reviewing the Houston/Gresham connection.

Certain individuals reviewed Brian Houston’s sermon “Scandal of Grace”. In this sermon, Houston said the following:

“Well it’s the weight when a young person growing up in a church feels like they are confused in their sexuality. They feel like “maybe I’m gay” and they go to a youth leader and they are rejected.” [Source]

So according to Brian Houston, someone who thinks they are gay is “confused in their sexuality“. In other words Houston thinks a homosexual can be someone with sexual identity problems.

Don’t think that this information is not important. It is. These insights into Houston’s mind are helpful for us considering his very controversial God-given vision for Hillsong at the beginning of this year for 2014 and the way Hillsong has progressed this year.

Media and communities expressing concern that Hillsong is a cult (Part 2)

The Hillsong “church” movement has been an embarrassment to the face of Christianity for decades. It becomes tirseome hearing both Christians and non-Christians label the Hillsong movement a cult, claiming “the church just wants your money”. It is not uncommon to hear from ex-members or average street person the idea that Hillsong is controlling and brainwashes it’s member. They have often expressed their comments after witnessing either a family member, friend or loved one be directly effected by the Hillsong doctrine, environment or it’s charismatic leaders.

Here is just another person’s conclusion, explaining why they believe Hillsong is a cult. Once again it appears that Hillsong are failing to convince the world that they are genuine Christianity. The question is, why can’t Christians or Christian leaders see Hillsong for what it is? Why are Christian leaders tolerating this dangerous movement and allowing this movement to cause continual damage to Christians and communities worldwide?

The Hillsong Church Cult

Hillsong Service in LondonHillsong Service in London

While paying a friend a visit in London, I came along the so-called “Hillsong Church” to one of their regular services at the Dominion Theatre. Though I don’t believe in the supernatural, I thought it to be a good idea to please the person who invited me. However, I was not ready for what awaited me beyond the door of the big musical theatre, as it closed behind me and behind hundreds of others. To make a long story short: I think this “church” is more like a cult and may be extremely dangerous for simple-minded people.

service, concert or brainwashing deluxe?Service, Concert or Brainwashing deluxe? – source: wikipedia

The hall was pitch black when suddenly the lights and a projector with lyrics went on and 12 people came on stage and sang for about 20 minutes. They sang songs like “Arms Open Wide“, with passages like: “My whole life is Yours, I give it all, surrendered to Your name and forever I will pray. “It was more like a concert than aservice, and everybody stood up and cheered. You get the idea if you have a look at the image above. Until this point I was shocked because of the whole topic and the message which the lyrics transported but it was OK. The real shock awaited me after that.

The Hillsong Church Cult has its own Steve Jobs

Some guy who looked a bit like a plump version of Apple’s CEO Steve Jobs entered the stage and told the thrilled audience of his visions and that everything positive that happened in their lives was the will of God. It was rhetorically impressive because he used the word “imagine” at the beginning of every sentence he spoke and a piano and an electric guitar were playing silently in the background to give his speech even more power. “Imagine we could fill the O2 arena next year. Imagine every one of us (Hillsong members) could get five more people into Hillsong. Imagine we would visit the schools and talk to the children” At that moment I really became angry. They want to go to the schools and to teach their opinions to helpless children? I hope this is not permitted by the law and hopefully I will have the chance to send my children to a school where they only have education in ethics and philosophy rather than religion.

It was a hard time for me up this point because every time the audience was urged to stand up and pray, I sat down. This sounds easier than it actually is because if hundreds of people are standing and you are the only one in the crowd who doesn’t follow the rest of the group, it is an unpleasant feeling to say the least. Then after a prayer the collection bags were handed out. I even saw some people who gave away their credit card number and the permission for a certain amount of money to be withdrawn from the bank.

hillsong_sydneyA regular weekly Hillsong Church service in Sydney – source:

The Hillsong Church Cult is not charity

After that, I started to take pictures and a video in order to have proof of what I had seen and experienced. After the “service”, many people asked me what I thought about the event. At first I tried to avoid unpleasant questions with answers like “It was interesting but I don’t believe in things like that.” Later we went to a pub where we were met up with some guys from the Hillsong Church and some people who only were visitors like myself.

After a few glasses of Guinness I had to ask: “Where is the difference between Hillsong, Jehovas Witnesses and Scientology and Christianity in general? Haven’t you watched movies about indoctrination? ” The answer was that “Hillsong does help the poor in the third world and that the money is used to make services like the one I saw possible and to get more and more people even closer to the love of Jesus and God”. In my opinion this is also true for the Jehovas Witnesses. They claim to support the third world with their moneyand everyone knows that they collect money from their members to make their church bigger and even more powerful in order to “save” people. In fact, there is no real difference when it comes to the concept of a sect or cult.

This Hillsong Church is a huge empire with over 21.000 members worldwide and is criticized from many different directions including the media and politicians. Their methods are similar and other groups like TEN SING are even more popular here in Germany and may be considered equally dangerous. As far as I know at least they do not try to collect money.

I am an atheist and believe in nothing but the pursuit of wisdom and knowledge which is, in my opinion, the task of science. For me, religion is the cessation of thinking. I wrote a quite complete article in german language called Forschen VS Glauben (engl. research vs. faith) and made the “steep thesis” (ger. steile These ;-) ) that everyone who visited a university should be clever enough to not believe in mystic tales like the creation myth or the concept of god. Before I went to the Hillsong service, I thought that things like that exist only in music videos like Genesis – Jesus he knows me.

What bothers me the most is that I had not founded a cult by myself. I mean, it should be easy to get some followers and to make people believe in something like the Flying Spaghetti Monster with simple answers to the complex questions of life. Everything good that is happing to my church members would be because of healthly living and everything bad comes from the Spaghetti Monster. Piece of cake. But to be honest I would be satisfied if busses like this would be driving around more often.

Last but not least I would like to thank Liron. She was so kind to help me out with grammar and spellchecking!

Source: Geschrieben von Marc Tönsing, The Hillsong Church Cult, MarcTV,, 06/07/2009. (Accessed 10/12/2014.)

If you want to want to research what a cult is, you might like to read our article here:

Media and communities expressing concern that Hillsong is a cult (Part 1)


Denton Interviews Levins On Hillsong: “I was detoxed from toxic Christianity”

“I was a Christless, creedless, and clueless Christian in Hillsong”: A testimony of God’s grace.

Brian Houston calls Christian pastors “intellectual pride-filled Pharisees” & “evil people”

Faith fights, snake bites and a Hillsonger’s insights

Rick Warren’s subtle-back slide into Catholicism concerns “Christians nationwide”

Take note that Hillsong is STILL scheduling Rick Warren to speak at next year’s Hillsong Conference.

This man has been exposed into pressuring Christians to embrace Chrislam and the pagan Roman Catholic religion as legitimate Christian sects.

Hillsong: This is war!

Christian News reports on American Christianity’s reaction to Rick Warren’s false call to unity,

Rick Warren’s Call for Christians to Unite With Catholics, ‘Holy Father’ Raising Concerns

In a new video, megachurch leader and author Rick Warren is calling for Christians to unite with Roman Catholics and “Pope Francis,” who Warren recently referred to as the “Holy Father”—a move that is raising concerns among Christians nationwide and is resulting in calls for Warren to repent.

Warren made the comments following his visit to the Vatican last month, where he spoke at an interfaith conference on the “Complementarity of Man and Woman.”

“We have far more in common than what divides us,” he said in the two-minute video released by the Catholic News Service on Wednesday, described as being an outline for “an ecumenical vision for Catholics and Protestants to work together to defend the sanctity of life, sex and marriage.”

“They would all say, ‘We believe in the Trinity; we believe in the Bible; we believe in the resurrection; we believe in salvation through Jesus Christ,” Warren asserted, speaking of the various denominations within Christianity, of which he included Roman Catholicism. “These are the big issues.”

The author of the bestselling book “The Purpose Driven Life” then sought to defend Catholics from those who take issue with the practice of seeking the intercession of Mary and the various deceased persons that have been sainted by the Vatican.

“Sometimes protestants think that Catholics worship Mary like she’s another god, but that’s not exactly Catholic doctrine,” Warren contended. “People say, ‘What are the saints all about? Why are you praying to the saints?’ And when you understand what they mean by what they’re saying, there’s a whole lot more commonality [that we have with Roman Catholics].”

“There’s still real differences—no doubt about that,” Warren stated. “But the most important thing is, if you love Jesus, we’re on the same team.”

He closed by speaking of his belief that Christians and Catholics serve as co-laborers for the cause of defending life and family.

“When it comes to the family, we are co-workers in the field in this for the protection of the sanctity of life, the sanctity of sex and the sanctity of marriage,” Warren said. “So, there’s a great commonality and there’s no division on any of those three.”

But Warren’s comments have raised concern from Christian leaders nationwide, who are now calling the Saddleback leader to repentance. Matt Slick of the Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry (CARM) repudiated each of Warren’s points.

“Sure, there are Catholics who love the real Christ, the one who died on the cross for our sins. That is not the problem,” he said. “The problem is the Roman Catholic Church’s false teachings concerning Mary and salvation.”

“Rick Warren says both the Catholics and the Protestants believe in the Bible. But, there is a significant difference between the Bible of the Protestants and the Roman Catholic Church, which has added seven books,” Slick wrote. “[T]here are numerous problems in the apocryphal books, such as the teaching of salvation by works [and] the offering of money for the sins of the dead.”

“Warren implies that both Protestants and Catholics have the same view of salvation,” he continued. “Though it’s technically correct to say that Catholics believe in salvation through Jesus Christ, they reject justification by faith alone in Christ alone. Instead, it teaches that good works of various kinds are necessary for salvation.”

The Christian apologist then pointed to several Roman Catholic teachings on Mary, mainly from the Catechism of the Catholic Church (CCC), such as that Mary “by her manifold intercession continues to bring us the gifts of eternal salvation” and that “[b]y asking Mary to pray for us, we acknowledge ourselves to be poor sinners and we address ourselves to the ‘Mother of Mercy,’ the All-Holy One.”

“Rick Warren has not only failed to recognize the problems in these serious areas, but he has lent his credibility as a Protestant pastor in support of the Roman Catholic Church,” Slick wrote. “This should never be done by any Protestant pastor who takes the Bible seriously. I must conclude that Mr. Warren does not take the word of God seriously and/or he does not understand the damnable teachings of Roman Catholicism regarding salvation.”

“Rick Warren needs to repent,” he said.

Source: By Heather Clark, Rick Warren’s Call for Christians to Unite With Catholics, ‘Holy Father’ Raising Concerns, Christian News,, Published 02/12/. (Accessed 10/12/2014.)

Hillsong: This is war!


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This article will be examining the false claims made by Hillsong’s invited guest speaker Rick Warren, in contrast to some damning evidence put out by the Roman Catholic Church on their 2008 World Youth Day.

hillsong islam muslimWe ask again, what god does Hillsong worship? We say this in light of Hillsong embracing pagan religions such as Islam and Roman Catholicism. We say “embracing” because of Brian Houston’s insistence that his movement preaches an inclusive gospel and an inclusive Jesus (a gospel and a Jesus you will not find in the bible).

Recently, Pastor Jordan Hall said the following about Hillsong’s invited guest speaker Rick Warren for next year’s Hillsong Conference 2015:

“What this man [Rick Warren] is demonstrating is that he is not a Christian brother… I think he is wicked folks…”

This is the video that Pastor Jordan Hall was reviewing.

Hear Jordan Hall review Rick Warren’s Roman Catholic promotional video below. This is well worth your while.

Rick Warren Anathematizes Self (Listen)
Rick Warren Anathematizes Self (Download)

When this video was published on FaceBook by Catholic News Service, Dan Phillips from the Pyromaniacs blog commented on the above video.

“Absolutely appalling. What a wretched failure of Christian leadership… to say nothing of basic Christian fundamentals. God grant him repentance, and God spare others from being misled.”
Source: Dan Phillips, FaceBook,, 28 November at 00:25.

Those that are being mislead are those that will be attending Hillsong Conference 2015 next year. What makes Hillsong conference so dangerous is that they are brazenly declare in their marketing gimmicks that Hillsong are hearing from God.

Their “SPEAK – WE’RE LISTENING” campaign is supposedly based on the prophet Samuel hearing from God in 1 Samuel 3:10. However, their choice of immoral and deceitful teachers are a clear indication that the Hillsong leadership are definitely not hearing from God and that they have no clue what a fine bible teacher looks like. One corrupt teacher they are still allowing to speak at Hillsong Conference 2015 is Rick Warren.

Houston claims Hillsong Conference are hearing from God and are bringing “the finest Bible teachers”

You know something is wrong with Driscoll when he is invited to speak at Hillsong Conference…

We remind you again that it was Tony Palmer that said to Kenneth Copeland’s Word of Faith cult that, “Brothers and sisters, Luther’s protest is over. Is yours?

Well according to Rick Warren it is. And according to Hillsong it is. Why? Because they don’t stand for Jesus and His gospel. If they knew the Christian faith, they wouldn’t be pointing Christians to be “coming home to Rome” and worshiping their deity.

IMG_0203 - Copy

“Pillar of FIRE…” WYDSYD08 booklet

In our article on Hillsong embracing Roman Catholicism (Part 4), we went to great lengths exposing how Hillsong and the Roman Catholic church are grooming Christians and churches to embrace Rome.

Furthermore, we covered the fact that Hillsong had no issue leading thousands of Roman Catholics at World Youth Day in “worship”.

However, if you were in the city of Sydney in 2008, you could not escape the litter of small World Youth Day pamphlets titled “Pillar of FIRE, Pillar of TRUTH”.

This booklet specifically defines the difference between the Roman Catholic Church religion from Christianity, teaching what it means to be a true Roman Catholic.

The relevant pages below refute Rick Warren’s argument that Christians and Roman Catholics have “more in common”. After browsing the below booklet, Christians need to ask the question:

Do I believe Brian Houston, Rick Warren and the Pope that “Luther’s protest is over or are they trying lying to me?”

To give you an idea what is taught in the below booklet, we read,

“Some people promote an especially attractive idea: All true Christians, regardless of how they live, have an absolute assurance of salvation, once they accept Jesus into their hearts as “their personal Lord and Savior.” The problem is that this belief is contrary to the Bible and constant Christian teaching. The Bible makes it clear that Christians have a moral assurance of salvation… but the Bible does not teach that Christians have a guarantee of heaven. There can be no absolute assurance of salvation.” - Pillar of FIRE, Pillar of TRUTH, WYDSYD08, Published by Catholic Answers, Inc. 2008.

To see the content online, click the below link:

Pillar of Fire, Pillar of Truth

If you have a problem with this material, you have a problem with Rick Warren and Hillsong. Not Christianity.

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Houston said to Royal Commission his father never preached again; witnesses disagree


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Brian Houston gospel issue

Evidence at the Commission and various comments on our site have revealed fascinating insights into the dealings of serial pedophile, Frank Houston.

Recently, a commentor shared this information on our site:

I attended Hawkesbury Church (then Hawkesbury Christian Centre) in the early 2000s under its minister Ian Woods, who was then State Superintendent of the AOG and presumably also on the National Executive.

Frank Houston was parked at Hawkesbury after he was stood down and the congregation was told to treat him like royalty. Certainly there was no warning to families in the congregation that we were harbouring a pedophile. He was our National Leader’s father, and a super-apostle in our movement.

Although I do not believe there was a risk of him reoffending, still, what I recall was the total veil of silence that fell over the matter, to the extent that one Hillsong member left the Sunday service when Brian Houston was forced to say something, believing that Frank was guilty of some kind of financial mismanagement.

Brian says that his Father never preached again. I’m pretty sure that’s wrong. While he was with us, he was allowed to preach. Brian is, yet again, a liar.

Source: Truth_will_out, News reports from Royal Commission on Hillsong 08/10/2014, Hillsong Church Watch,, Submitted on 2014/10/09 at 10:12 am. 

The New Zealand Herald reports,

Child molester pastor Frank Houston was ‘still allowed to preach’ after abuse warning

Soon after accused pedophile Frank Houston was stood down by his son Brian Houston – who now runs the popular Hillsong Church in Australia – he was seen on TV preaching in Canberra, a witness has told a national inquiry.

Barbara Taylor, the evangelical pastor who told the Pentecostal movement in 1998 its honoured preacher Frank Houston was a child molester, says it took her months to get the church to take the matter seriously.

Frank Houston died in 2004 and had admitted to the sexual abuse of children in Australia and New Zealand.

She also told a hearing of the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse that in June, 2000 she had written to Brian Houston about his father saying she had been told “a week after you said you were going to discipline him by standing him down he was preaching and prophetising over people in Canberra”.

Brian Houston wrote to her saying he was hurt by her letter and that Frank Houston was receiving “restoration counselling”.

He also asked her to contact him by phone in future, she said.

Pastor Taylor kept notes of her interactions with the abuse victim, known as AHA for legal reasons, and her dealings with members of the executive of the Assemblies of God (AoG) – the body to which Pentecostal churches are affiliated.

She wanted the matter settled by the church not the “secular courts”.

Hillsong Church leader Brian Houston. Photo / AAP

Brian Houston was national president of the AoG when allegations against his father surfaced.

In late 1998, 20 years after her son told her, the abuse victim’s mother informed Pastor Taylor about Frank Houston – the pastor who was treated like royalty by the devout family.

The commission on Wednesday was taken through Pastor Taylor’s notes recounting her attempts to organise a meeting between AHA and Frank Houston.

She had written to Frank Houston five months after the allegations were first raised and her many attempts to contact him failed. She said he rang and was angry “that I was pursuing” him”.

Pastor Taylor also recorded AHA was extremely distressed the matter had become known but agreed to meet Frank Houston.

AHA told the commission on Tuesday Frank Houston offered him $10,000 during a meeting and asked his forgiveness. Some months after that he received a cheque from Brian Houston.

Pastor Taylor also said she wasn’t kept informed of the actions taken by Brian Houston or the AoG but she considered: “If he (Frank Houston) confessed to Brian he would have really meant it and Brian would have brought him to a place of repentance.”

Pastor Taylor said that at a later meeting with Brian Houston he told her it was a one-off incident by his father and commented the incident was about a “little boy who walked through a room without his clothes on”.

“I took it his father had trivialised the incident to Brian”.

The hearing continues.

Source: Child molester pastor Frank Houston was ‘still allowed to preach’ after abuse warning, New Zealand Herald,, 08/11/2014, 4:50 PM. (Accessed 29/11/2014.)

Media and communities expressing concern that Hillsong is a cult (Part 1)


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Two Paragraphs report,

Is Justin Bieber A Member of The Religious Cult Hillsong?

Pop star Justin Bieber is hanging out with his friend and pastor Carl Lentz over the Thanksgiving break. The Biebs posted a photo of him making a snowman with one of Lentz’s young daughters. His fans think it’s sweet.

Lentz, the 36-year-old hipster who preaches at Hillsong NYC (a spin-off of the Australian Evangelical megachurch Hillsong), met Bieber in 2008 when Bieber was just 14. “I have a special role in Justin’s life, spiritually,” Lentz told the New York Postrecently. Lentz is not your stereotypical pastor. He favors mohawks, tattoos, rap and skinny jeans. Hillsong has a troubled history including the fact that its founder confessed to molesting a 7-year-old (he was never prosecuted). The megachurch is considered by some to be a cult.

Source: Is Justin Bieber A Member of The Religious Cult Hillsong?, 2Paragraphs,, 28/11/2014. (Accessed 29/11/2014.)


Denton Interviews Levins On Hillsong: “I was detoxed from toxic Christianity”

“I was a Christless, creedless, and clueless Christian in Hillsong”: A testimony of God’s grace.

Brian Houston calls Christian pastors “intellectual pride-filled Pharisees” & “evil people”

Faith fights, snake bites and a Hillsonger’s insights

Hillsong scandal: Dupe not lest ye be duped…

You Need More Money

Hillsong scandal makes a mockery of Christianity in court

This article is covering two news stories reporting a Hillsong scandal last decade. This scandal is not a parody. This Hillsong scandal and the following court proceedings actually occurred.

= = = = = = = = = = =

Brian Houston writes in his book “You Need More Money” how to become a “money magnet”:


It is time to relax and become comfortable around money. You need to stretch yourself and position yourself right out of your comfort zone.

For example, it may involve a little exercise like putting on your best clothes and ordering coffee in a fancy restaurant or hotel lobby. Even though you could make the coffee for half the price at home, the total experience may enlarge your thinking. You may even feel better about yourself and life. [Source]

What do you call a “big-time property developer” who is not a big-time property developer? A fraud. So what do you a “pastor/financial advisor” who is not?

What is ironic about the below scandal is that Brian Houston will not allow what he called a “predator” back into his earthly kingdom. But who turned him into this “predator”, Brian?

And one might ask just why Mr Houston’s own “predatory” behaviour is still tolerated? After all, what is the difference between Mr Orehek owning an upmarket motorcycle and an investment property, and Brian Houston owning the same?

Well, the obvious answer is – a court case. The only difference is that no one has gone after Brian and Bobbie Houston for promising “your best life now” concepts, along with their own Word of Faith outlook on tithing as a part of their “prosperity” doctrine. If you’re going to exercise their kind of ‘faith’ you might as well book it all up on Visa Card.

Didn’t executive pastor Joel A’bell get his fingers badly burnt over this scam, along with another “pastor’, to the tune of some $540,000? Where were the prophets, who could have pointed out the loss (pun intended)?

Where were the good shepherds of Hillsong, who should have warned against such an investment scheme wherein some people were expecting unrealistic returns? Did anyone check Mr Orehek’s credentials (degrees in business and investment management and his licenses with ASIC) first? Anyone?

Actually Brian Houston, your leadership, your members and Orehek fell for your lies and gimmicks. The joke is not only on you, it is you. Do you still believe that your book “You Need More Money” has even one scrap of credibility left in it now? And did Mr Orehek fall under the influence of that publication and become ensnared in the “gospel of greed”?

The Sydney Morning Herald reports,

Jailed for ripping off Hillsong Church

A failed Sydney property developer who convinced the Hillsong Church and its parishioners to invest millions of dollars in a property scam has been jailed for 18 months.

Robert John Orehek, 45, was a successful businessman and member of the Pentecostal Hillsong Church when fellow parishioners began to approach him in 2002.

Sentencing him in the District Court in Sydney today, Judge Bennett said Orehek had been driven by greed and an inability to say no when he accepted offers of investment money which well exceeded his management ability.

“Orehek felt that he was invincible and other people in the church thought they were invincible,” Judge Bennett said.

“With the power of God they were able to trust each other implicitly.”

Orehek collected $4.6 million from investors, claiming it was for use on property projects in Sydney’s north.

Instead he lived a “lavish” lifestyle, owning a red Ferrari, a Porsche, and a Ducati motorcycle and used $150,000 as a deposit on a $3.5 million luxury beachside apartment.

Judge Bennett jailed Orehek for 18 months, allowing a 15 per cent discount for his guilty pleas to three fraud charges and one breach of corporate regulations.

When his 18-month non-parole period expires, Orehek will be released on a $5,000 bond to be of good behaviour for two years and four months.

Judge Bennett said Hillsong’s interest in Orehek’s business was the “beginning of the road to disaster”.

“He had greater ambition for wealth and the lifestyle it might provide,” the judge said.

“Unfortunately these ambitions substantially outweighed his ability to manage his finances.

“Instead of moderating his lifestyle (Orehek) continued a relatively extravagant lifestyle.

“He chose to forge ahead, enticing investors to part with their money, leaving them out of pocket.”

Orehek was expelled from the church and banned from setting foot on any Hillsong premises after his conduct became known.

Twenty-seven people, including a quadriplegic, lost money in his schemes.

The judge found there were special circumstances in the case, saying it was Orehek’s first criminal offence and it had caused him suffer severe anxiety and depression.

Dressed in a black suit, Orehek sat looking sombre as he was sentenced.

He will be eligible for release in May 2009.

Source: Jailed for ripping off Hillsong Church, Sydney Morning Herald,, Published 21/11/2007 – 1:44PM. (Accessed 26/11/2014.)

The Australian reports,

‘Fraudster’ blames Hillsong

ROBERT Orehek admits he did the wrong thing but claims it was the materialistic ethos of the pentecostal Hillsong Church that made him do it.

The 45-year-old former property developer is the man known for “fleecing” $25million from investors — predominantly members of the Hillsong congregation — to fund a property empire that failed spectacularly in 2003.

Mr Orehek faced the NSW District Court yesterday on four counts of fraud — to which he has pleaded guilty — but his trial has placed the spotlight on the “greed is good” mantra of the Hillsong empire, which preaches that material wealth is a badge of God’s favour.

Mr Orehek strenuously denies the portrayals of him as an evil property developer intent on embezzling investor funds.

And he has an unlikely ally. Consumer advocate and real estate novelist Neil Jenman — who has built a reputation for fighting unscrupulous property spruikers — yesterday took to the witness box in defence of Mr Orehek.

Mr Orehek, Mr Jenman said, was a “dreadfully inept businessman” and “not particularly intelligent” but not someone who had set out to deceive investors.

In 1998, Mr Orehek was a small-time property developer, building single houses and “dual-occupancy” apartments. He had been worshiping at Hillsong twice a week for five years but had made “very few friends”.

That changed in 1998 when parishioners discovered Mr Orehek was a “property developer”. Suddenly he was contacted by “more than 100″ members of the congregation seeking to invest in his developments.

Among those church members to invest were Hillsong pastor David Crafts and executive pastor Joel A’Bell, who poured in a combined $540,000.

The churchgoers were chasing returns of 25 per cent on their investments that Mr Orehek said he could deliver because he intended making 100 per cent on all equity invested, and “didn’t want to be too greedy and keep all the profits myself”.

Mr Orehek’s workload of two small-scale developments suddenly grew to more than 10 major projects. The group unsurprisingly fell into liquidation in 2003.

But before the crash Mr Orehek, who believed he was “blessed to make money”, started spending big, moving into a multi-million-dollar apartment and buying a Porsche and a Harley Davidson motorcycle.

Following the collapse, a suicidal and “deeply remorseful” Mr Orehek was banned from worshipping at Hillsong.

On behalf of Hillsong management, elder Kevin Brett wrote to Mr Orehek in February 2004 threatening to call the police if hereturned.

“I was in shock. I thought it was a public place, I didn’t think they could stop you going to public places,” Mr Orehek said.

Hillsong refused repeated requests for an interview, but in a written statement the group’s founder Brian Houston — who had been a neighbour of Mr Orehek in the late 1990s — defended the move to ban the failed developer.

“We maintain our right to ask anyone displaying predatory behaviour to cease attending our church, and it was our leadership’s belief that there was a good reason to do so in this situation,” Mr Houston said.

In court yesterday judge James Bennett said Mr Orehek’s actions as his company crumbled reflected someone who believed “perhaps with a little of trust in God it will all work out at the end of the month”.

Mr Orehek has been charged with four counts of fraud over the use of investor funds for different property development projects to which they were prescribed. He is also accused of using $150,000 of investor funds to pay a deposit on an apartment in Sydney’s exclusive Balmoral.

He is expected to be sentenced on September 5.

Source: By Anthony Klan, The Australian, 12:00AM. (Accessed 27/11/2014.)

Houston claims Hillsong Conference are hearing from God and are bringing “the finest Bible teachers”

In 2013, Hillsong were more than flippant with the idea that their “THIS IS REVIVAL” Conference needed good bible teachers and invited some extreme Word of Faith heretics (Joseph Prince, Joyce Meyer), and cult leaders (Stephen Furtick). In 2014, Hillsong’s self-promoting “NO OTHER NAME” marketing campaign resulted in them inviting more false teachers. Among them were Stephen Furtick and Christian ‘fascist’, Bill Hybels.

Marching to the beat of the Hillsong drum, are people now being brainwashed into believing that Hillsong is hearing from God? As a result, they claim to be inviting the “finest Bible teachers”. This is how Brian and Bobbie Houston are advertising next year’s Hillsong Conference.

He’s speaking.

In 1 Samuel 3:10 is says, “The LORD came and stood there, calling as at the other times, Samuel! Samuel! Then Samuel said, ‘Speak, for your servant is listening’”.

SPEAK, WE’RE LISTENING – is a declaration that we are indeed, listening.

Like Samuel, the LORD has come many times, spoken many times and (hopefully) had our response many times, but this is an eternal conversation that involves not only personal relationship, but also the wellbeing and salvation of others. In the midst of a world saturated with voices and noise, the Voice we long for is His.

We are trusting God’s Spirit to enable us to create the most perfect gathering in 2015. As always we will labor to bring the finest Bible teachers, Kingdom-inspirers and creative- innovators to the Hillsong Conference, in order that you, your family and your team are blessed. Our prayer is that the Church, local and global, will continue to rise in her full stature and that the Harvest He longs for will not be disappointed.

“Speak Lord, we’re listening” is perfect language and a perfect stance for what lies ahead. We trust you will join us – the invitation is yours.

With love and affection,

Sydney. London. USA.


If Brian Houston is truly hearing from God, then why is he STILL inviting these false teachers, Joseph Prince, Jentezen Franklin, the notoriously abusive former Mars Hill leader Mark Driscoll and the  Purpose-Pope, Rick Warren?


Here is an extensive list of articles that exposes the ungodly behaviour of Mark Driscoll.

You know something is wrong with Driscoll when he is invited to speak at Hillsong Conference…

And thanks to people like Rick Warren, people are starting to call Evangelicalism the ‘evanjellyfish’. Why?

The Christian News Network reports,

Russell Moore, Rick Warren to Join ‘Pope Francis’ With Muslims, Buddhists for Interfaith Conference

ROME – Russell Moore, the president of the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention, and Saddleback megachurch leader Rick Warren will team up with Roman Catholic Pontiff Francis later this month for an interfaith Vatican conference on marriage and family.

“Complementarity of Man and Woman,” will be held Nov. 17-19 at the Vatican, and is expected to feature more than 30 speakers from over 20 countries. According to the Catholic News Service, those of the Jewish, Islamic, Buddhist, Hindu, Jaina Shasana, Taoist and Sikh religions will be present, as well as Roman Catholics and professing Christians.

The event is sponsored by the Pontifical Council for the Family, the Pontifical Council for Interreligious Dialogue, and the Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity.

“I hope that this gathering of religious leaders can stand in solidarity on the common grace, creational mandate of marriage and family as necessary for human flourishing and social good,” Moore wrote in a blog post this week entitled “Why I’m Going to the Vatican.” “I also hope that we can learn from one another about where these matters stand around the world.”

While acknowledging his doctrinal disagreements with the pope and the others in attendance, Moore stated that he is “willing to go anywhere, when asked, to bear witness to what we as evangelical Protestants believe about marriage and the gospel, especially in times in which marriage is culturally imperiled.”

Rick Warren, the author of “The Purpose Driven Life,” has spoken glowingly of Pope Francis during several public interviews about the pontiff and the Roman Catholic religion.

“[Pope Francis] is doing everything right. You see, people will listen to what we say if they like what they see,” Warren stated on Catholic television network EWTN earlier this year. “His kissing of this deformed man, his loving the children, this authenticity, this humility, the caring for the poor; this is what the whole world expects Christians to do. And when they go, ‘Oh, that’s what a Christian does.’—In fact, there was a headline here in Orange County—and I loved the headline—I saved it. It said, ‘If you love Pope Francis, you’ll love Jesus.’”

Connect with Christian News
Last year, Mike Gendron of Proclaiming the Gospel Ministries called Warren’s ecumenism with the Roman Catholic Church a “real tragedy.”

“Right now, the Body of Christ doesn’t know whether to evangelize Roman Catholics or to join hands with them to go out and evangelize the world, [and] it’s because of people like Rick Warren who either don’t know how exclusive the gospel of grace is, or he’s not aware of the false and fatal gospel of the Roman Catholic religion,” Gendron stated.

In addition to Warren and Moore, the upcoming Vatican conference will feature Wael Farouq, a Muslim and president of the Tawasul Cultural Center, top-ranking Mormon Henry B. Eyring and Manmohan Singh of the World Sikh Council. Conferences will include “The Cradle of Life and Love: A Mother and Father for the World’s Children” and “The Sacramentality of Human Love According to St. John Paul II.”

The meeting follows a recent synod featuring over 200 Roman Catholic bishops who gathered in Rome for two weeks to discuss marriage and family issues, such as homosexuality, cohabitation and divorce. The initial relatio released by the synod generated controversy and concern over its inclusive tone, as it stated that “[h]omosexuals have gifts and qualities to offer to the Christian community.” It was later left out of the submitted draft as a consensus could not be reached on the matter.

Source: By Heather Clark, Russell Moore, Rick Warren to Join ‘Pope Francis’ With Muslims, Buddhists for Interfaith Conference, The Christian News Network,, Published 07/11/2014. (Accessed 25/11/2014.)

Isaiah 9:16 “Those who guide this people mislead them, and those who are guided are led astray.” 

Saleh’s sale…


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SmartCompany reports,

Nabi Saleh’s $163 million pay day for Gloria Jeans: What it means for franchisees

Retail Food Group, the franchising conglomerate behind Donut King, Brumby’s and Michel’s Patisserie, has paid $163.5 million for Aussie-based international coffee chain Gloria Jean’s.

The move will consolidate RFG’s presence in the growing Australian coffee market, having splurged on acquiring mobile coffee chain Cafe2U in August and scooping up The Coffee Guy Group in 2012.

RFG will acquire the global Gloria Jean’s business – a whopping 800 franchised outlets across 40 countries – all intellectual property assets, operational management of the Australian and USA regions, wholesale coffee roasting operations in Australia and the USA, and all associated plant and equipment.

The $163.5 million deal will be payable to Gloria Jean’s executive chairman Nabi Saleh’s private company, with $153.5 million paid out in cash and another $10 million in RFG shares.

Saleh, who is also an elder of the Hillsong Church, has committed to remain with the business for a minimum period of two years after completion of the sale.

Australia’s largest multi-brand retail food franchisor also has a share of the coffee market with Michel’s Patisserie, Esquires Coffee houses and BB’s cafes.

A recent IBISWorld report reveals the move will give RFG a growing hold on the fragmented Australian cafe market, largely made up of smaller, independent players.

The report shows Gloria Jean’s currently holds a 3% share of the coffee shop market in Australia, while Michel’s Patisserie also had 3%. The only chain to hold any larger slice of the sector was the Coffee Club, at 4%.

The $4.3 billion-dollar coffee industry is expected to grow by an annualised 3.2% over the next five years.

“Gloria Jean’s Coffees genuinely transforms RFG into a global franchising powerhouse,” said RFG chief executive Tony Alford.

Meanwhile, the acquisition follows confirmation last week director of franchise Gary Alford was forced to write to its Michel’s Patisserie franchisees to address anonymous complaints about rising costs over the rebranding of the chain.

SmartCompany understands at least two Michel’s Patisserie stores are operating at a loss and such added costs are creating financial hardship for a number of franchisees.

Despite the recent complaints, Franchise Advisory Centre principal Jason Gehrke toldSmartCompany Gloria Jean’s franchisees are likely to benefit from the takeover.

“In the short term, it will likely mean business as usual for the franchise,” says Gehrke.

“But in the long term, it could mean [franchises] can tap into the improved supply chain by being part of a larger network and it may have an impact on their cost of goods.”

Gehrke says the takeover could even have positive flow-on effect for the rest of the group.

He says some franchisees may be understandably nervous about the change of management.

“Franchising is about change but the most fundamental change is that of ownership and leadership,” he says.

“Franchisees can feel very unsettled. Any new owners would obviously move quickly to reassure franchisees across the network they have acquired that it’s business as usual and that any changes will be done so in consultation.”

However, franchise consultant Howard Bellin told SmartCompany he questions the benefits for both RFG and Gloria Jean’s franchisees, saying the chain appears to be struggling, given the presentation and upkeep of many stores.

“You’ll often see a light fitting blown [in a Gloria Jeans]… You would never see that in a McDonalds,” says Bellin.

“It’s not as if they took over a thriving chain, they took over a failing chain in my opinion.”

Source: Kirsten Robb, Nabi Saleh’s $163 million pay day for Gloria Jeans: What it means for franchisees, Smart Company,, Published 27/10/2014 0:28. (Accessed 22/11/2014.)

The Australian reports,

Retail Food Group buys Gloria Jean’s for $163.5m

RETAIL Food Group, the company behind Michel’s Patisserie and Donut King, has bought Gloria Jean’s Group for $163.5 million and is seeking to raise $40m to help fund the purchase.

The global coffee chain had long been a target for Retail Food Group, and adds to its current coffee businesses, Cafe2U and The Coffee Guy.

Gloria Jean’s has 358 stores in Australia, 87 in the United States and franchises in 40 other countries.

Retail Food Group (RFG) will pay $153.5 million in cash plus $10 million in its own shares, plus up to a further $16.4 million depending on the company’s performance.

The acquisition is expected to deliver $13m of synergies over three years.

Retail Food Group is raising $40m towards the purchase via a placement through the issue of 8.3m shares at $4.80 each.

In addition, a share purchase plan for up to $15m will be considered and $10m of vendor equity would be used to fund the acquisition.

The raising is at a 0.8 per cent discount to its last closing price.

The executive chairman of Gloria Jean’s, Nabi Saleh, has promised to stay with the business for at least another two years, along with his senior management team.

He said Retail Food Group’s reputation as a food and beverage operator and expertise in building franchise businesses made them ideal to lead the continued expansion of Gloria Jean’s.

Gloria Jean’s was established in Chicago in 1979 by Gloria Jean Kvetko, and under the ownership of Mr Saleh expanded to Australia in 1996.

Retail Food Group is buying the intellectual property rights to the Gloria Jean’s and It’s a Grind brands, and will be the operational manager of the business in Australia and the US.

It will also take ownership of its wholesale coffee roasting operations in Australia and the US, and will be the franchisor of the business in 40 countries.

The purchase of Gloria Jeans is expected to be settled by December.

On the back of the Gloria Jean’s acquisition, Retail Food Group has upgraded its guidance to a 36 per cent lift in net profit for the 2015 financial year compared to a 15 to 20 per cent increase previously.

The business, based in Southport, Queensland, is also the franchisor and owner of Brumby’s Bakeries, bb’s Cafe, Pizza Capers, Crust and Big Dads Pies brands.

RFG shares were trading up 2c to $4.86 in early afternoon trade.

Source: By Bridget Carter, Retail Food Group buys Gloria Jean’s for $163.5m, The Australian,, Published 24/10/2014 3:15PM. (Accessed 22/11/2014.)


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