A valuable BTWN resource addressing dangers in evangelicalism

The Biblethumpingwingnut Network hosts Tim Hurd and Len Pettis, recently had Chris Rosebrough on their show to talk about the serious dangers in Evangelicalism. Specifically, addressing false teachers who preach themselves and what Chris Rosebrough thinks is the greatest threat to the church global today.

Listen below.

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Dear Church, it’s time to break up with Emo Jesus.

We understand that the Jesus Hillsong, C3, Bethel, and other prominent churches promote promises you wealth and prosperity. They teach that their Jesus has Joel Osteen’s shiny teeth, Rick Warren’s purpose driven life, Kenneth Copeland and Jesse Duplantis’ private jets, Steven Furtick’s $1.7 million dollar home, and he offers all these things to you and more if you would just decree and declare them into existence in his name and tithe 10% of your income to your local megachurch.

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Grace To You weighs in regarding Hillsong’s “Worship”


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John MacArthur and the folks from Grace to You (GTY) have done the body of Christ a great service by continually warning Christianity against the growing dangers within the Charismatic movement. One such person who has joined the ranks of GTY is Cameron Buettel, author of Once Upon A Cross | The Bottom Line.


Recently, Buettel teamed up with Jeremiah Johnson to do an expose on the dangers of Hillsong worship. However, Justin Peters (of JustinPetersMinistries.org), also weighed in to the important discussion below the article. We wish to acknowledge his comments on Hillsong before you read GTY’s article.


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Michael Brown Displays More Gullibility and Lack of Discernment Defending Carl Lentz

Charlatans, charismatics, false teachers, NAR apostles–these people have an ally. His name is Michael Brown. As we’ve reported before, he’s the go-to apologist for modern-day Montanists. He’s defended Word of Faith huckster, Benny Hinn, false teacher Bill Johnson, and many others. We’ve also reported on the gullibility of Michael Brown and the charismatic movement in general. Michael Brown continues to display his gullibility.

We recently reported on Carl Lentz’ interview with Oprah on her Supersoul television show, in which the Hillsong, NY pastor was asked if someone had to be a Christian to have a relationship with God, to which he replied, “no.” In short, Lentz gave Oprah a version of Christianity that the new-age universalist found palatable. He was ambiguous, and very carefully worded his comments in such a way that Oprah could find herself in agreement with him. He did not, in any way, lead Oprah or her audience to believe that he believed in the exclusivity of Jesus Christ.

Enter Michael Brown.

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