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Christians have often wondered if it is safe to sing Hillsong music in their churches. To answer this question, we would like to point our readers to Brian Houston’s book “You Need More Money”. On the back cover, Houston advertises that this book is about how people can “become a money magnet”.

Houston reveals in the conclusion of his book that Hillsong music does capture his false prosperity gospel. Quick reminder – although he doesn’t express this in his book, Houston believes you cannot be right-standing with God or be in God’s will unless you put him first in your finances. Keep this in mind as you read below.

Here is the conclusion of Houstons book.



“More than I could hope or dream of

You have poured your favour on me

One day in the house of God is

Better than a thousand in the world

So blessed, I can’t contain it

So much, I’ve got to give it away

Your love taught me to live now

You are more than enough for me*

The words of this song are a powerful confession of the promise of God. Written by Reuben Morgan, a young songwriter and worship leader in our church, he was inspired to write this song by the theme of the teachings in this book and the revelation of God’s blessing in one’s life.

With the heart of a loving Father, God wants to see you blessed in every area of your life, but His provision is so that  you can bless others. You aren’t meant to hoard or contain it for yourself.

The principle is FIRST the Kingdom, and THEN all things will be added to you. As you begin to expand your thinking and apply His Word, you will see the promises of God at work in your life.

I love to see the people of our church being blessed, and I love to see the Word working in their lives, as they move forward and grow in God. I even love seeing things added to their lives, especially when I know they are building on the principle of first the Kingdom! It means that they are not only successful and blessed, but that they are unable to contain it, reaching out and making an impact beyond their own world.

My prayer is that this book releases you into a new dimension of blessing, that you are challenged to stretch and increase in all God has for your life. Yes, YOU NEED MORE MONEY – but now I trust you know why!” – Brian Houston, You Need More Money, Alken Press: Smithsfiedl, NSW, 1999, pg. 133-134. * © 1999 Reuben Morgan/Hillsong Music Australia.