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This article will recap Pat Mesiti and his involvement with the leadership of Hillsong Church and C3 Church. It is our goal that our readers see how heavily Pat Mesiti was involved with the top leaders of the Hillsong and C3 Church movements and how they influenced him. The last part of this article will reveal the answer to the above question.


We have been looking at the history of Pat Mesiti on both C3 Church Watch and Hillsong Church Watch. To recap quickly, we have recorded his involvement in Hillsong before his unfortunate fall. Phil Pringle and Brian Houston not only see themselves as pastors. In their books they see themselves as public motivational speakers. We’ve also learnt in an interview that Mesiti has been restored again as a pastor by C3 and Hillsong.

Just like Phil Pringle and Brian Houston, Mesiti wanted to be seen as a motivational speaker. He talks about how Hillsong and C3 have helped make him into someone who wants to make him a better pastor and business man in “evangelism, crusades” and “business functions”. Another article also informed us how Brian Houston was also there to guide, counsel and support Pat Mesiti. These three articles below look at transcripts that inform us how Pringle and Houston have provided the means for Mesiti to step back into pastoral ministry. (His prosperity theology and manipulative teaching methodologies need to be noted.)

Phil Pringle ‘Restoring’ Pat Mesiti As A Church Pastor

Phil Pringle & Pat Mesiti Conning C3 Church To Give Cash

And This Is How Pringle Restores Fallen ‘Pastor’ (And Prophet) Pat Mesiti?

Now that Hillsong and C3 ‘restored’ Pat Mesiti back into their leadership ranks, it was interesting to see a journalist make the connection to Mesiti and Hillsong. The journalist expressed their concerns of Mesiti’s “get-rich-quick schemes” through his money making books and conferences. This did not stop Phil Pringle have Pat Mesiti speak at his 2008 RealMen’s conference nor prevent him speaking on finances on ‘Positive Hits’ which use the C3 Church grounds up at Oxford Falls.

Nor did this stop Hillsong leadership have Mesiti speak in their conference over in Hillsong London in 2010.


So what can we say? Pat Mesiti learnt from the best of the best that Hillsong and C3 had to offer. Knowing this (and after reading the above articles), don’t you think that Brian Houston and Phil Pringle have done a good job restoring Pat Mesiti as a pastor, teacher and leader?

Under Phil Pringle and Brian Houston, don’t you think Pat Mesiti has came out of this restoration process wiser? If you want to be successful like Pat Mesiti, maybe it’s worth taking this tip from him in this speaker snapshot in 2009:

Good tip Pastor Pat! Where did you got that tip on public speaking from?