We need more Confessing Anglican ministers like David Ould to voice their concerns before Hillsong starts targeting and liberalising their youth and young leaders within their Anglican churches. We would encourage other Anglican ministers to stop tolerating the marketing gimmicks Hillsong use to keep pushing a false gospel on Anglican youth and young leaders. We hope more Anglican ministers become as vocally opposed to the false unity Hillsong promotes, and start exposing just how they coerce churches into their “ecumenical” movement as David Ould has done.

It seems that within the Anglican church the lay members have begun to shown more concern, discernment and biblical responsibility than some of their ministers, who have not looked at the growing dangers of this movement. Remember, Hillsong is trying to “absorb” every denomination under their vision and name at the expense of truth and faithful Christian witness.


David Ould is the Rector of Glenquarie Anglican Church in Sydney, Australia. David Ould was ordained into the Anglican Church in 2008. He contributes to the blog at “Stand Firm”, the largest and most popular orthodox Anglican website in North America, if not the world, and also sit on the council of the Anglican Church League here in Sydney. [Source] 

Senior Minister David Ould serves on a number of boards in the Diocese of Sydney and is a member of General Synod.

Recently, Minster David Ould criticized the Hillsong and their 2014 Hillsong Conference:

Hillsong Conference – Sydney’s Greatest Promoter of False Teaching

Next week up to 30,000 people will attend the Hillsong Sydney Conference. That has to make it Sydney’s largest Christian conference. Our family are regular attenders at the excellent CMS Summer School in Katoomba but the numbers there, while still big, are dwarfed by Hillsong.