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For being prominent figures in Christianity, you would think that Brian Houston, Bobbie Houston, and their children would live godly lives and set the example for other Christians to follow, as is Biblical for a pastor and his family to do. If you think the Houstons are people of Biblical integrity, you are sadly mistaken and need to read your Bibles and compare their teachings, and lives, to Scripture’s standards.

Take for example, this instagram photo that was deleted after several people called out Esther Houston on Selena Gomez’ lack of attire and facial expression, in this picture? Esther Houston is pictured next to Selena, apparently unable to “live without you guys”.

Deleted picture 1

Do you think this could cause Christians to stumble?

Here is a comment by natasha_hilburn that was attached to the deleted instagram photo above:

Comment 1

Do you agree with natasha_hilburn? If you do, then apparently  you would be considered a “close minded Bible believing hater”. Although we can no longer demonstrate because the image was later  deleted, there were many hateful comments against natasha_hilburn and her very observant  biblical admonition. The majority to those commenting had no problem at all with the thoroughly inappropriate content initially posted then deleted. We would like to encourage and thank  natasha_hilburn for her boldness, courage and concern for those who would call themselves shepherds of God’s precious flock.

Here is the alternative picture Esther Houston posted after receiving backlash?

More decent picture

Source: By Esther Houston, What a crew. LITerally, instagram, https://www.instagram.com/p/_-1k6HAPLo/?taken-by=estherhouston, Published 31/12/2015. (Accessed 03/01/2016.)

Notice there was no apology for causing others to stumble, and no accountability for Esther Houston’s carelessness. Instead, the evidence vanished in the blink of an eye and was seemingly replaced by one more appropriate..

Of course, Esther Houston also posts very strange pictures of herself like this on her Instagram feed. We ask the question – is this the sort of image we need to see, by the wife of a high-profile pastor?

Esther in a box 1

Esther in a box 2

Source: By Esther Houston, That casual moment when you get stuck in a giant box., instagram,
https://www.instagram.com/p/9hwvyqgPFD/, Published 02/11/2015. (Accessed 04/01/2016.)

It’s sad and disturbing that neither Brian nor Bobbie Houston have publicly called out their children for engaging in, and promoting this self-indulgent narcissistic lifestyle.