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Narpocrite – a type of narcissist so caught up in their own self aggrandisement that they spout advice or teaching that contradicts their own teaching, character or lifestyle.
Word origin: Merging of “narcissist” and “hypocrite”. [Source]

Chris Rosebrough recently reviewed a message by pastrix Christine Caine at the whacky, gugglionic and dangerous Passion 2016 conference. He does a solid job exposing her lies, bible twisting, narpocrisy and her condemning, legalistic message. Early on in the episode, Chris Rosebrough reviewed Louie Giglio endorsing Caine’s trainwreck of a sermon.


Christine Caine: Hillsong narpocrite in action.

Here is the sermon review:

Divide by Zero


00:07:37 – Amanda Wells Ancient Hebrew Wisdom & Numerology
00:16:50 – Patricia King Divides by Zero Against Jim Bakker
00:36:54 – Louie Giglio Strange Passion 2016 Theology
00:50:12 – Beth Moore New TBN Bible Twisting Show – Brought to by LifeWay
01:08:19 – Sermon Review: Passion 2016 by Christine Caine

Published: Chris Rosebrough, Divide by Zero, Pirate Christian Radio, http://www.piratechristian.com/fightingforthefaith/2016/1/divide-by-zero, Published 20/01/2016. (Accessed 01/02/2016.)

We encourage listeners to transcribe any part of Christine Caine’s sermon here so we can alert people to her dangerous teachings.