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Hillsong TV Channel exemplifies what is wrong with their Theology.


If there are any lingering doubts about exactly WHAT Hillsong Churches are all about, this should put them to rest: Consider the new “Hillsong Channel” [TV], and look at the programs they carry! The Word Faith heresy is represented by such luminaries as Joyce Meyer, James Robison, Joel Osteen, Joseph Prince, John Gray and Jentzen Franklin. Other aberrants include TD Jakes, Steven Furtick and contemplative promoter Max Lucado. There is not one true Biblical teaching program on the entire channel, which is now carried globally via Satellite! For a limited time, Hillsong Channel is “free” for now, but soon will be proprietary pay-2-view. Follow the money!


 Just to show you a glimpse of what Brian & Bobby Houston are really all about – They have created a “Leadership Network”, where you too can be an official Hillsong “Leader” – in the Hillsong Leadership Network – when you sign up for the Leadership Church Membership – Now only $500.oo a year (Aust. dollars) >>> See:

 HillCON - 'Membership'

Their network page says, “Connect with the Hillsong team and Network pastors to get access to resource and to join a group of people making an incredible difference around the world.” Brian Houston boasts, “The Hillsong Network is close to my heart…” …We can only imagine!