Hillsong’s Bible Hack

This page has been dedicated to demonstrate how lacking Brian Houston is as a qualified minister in handling God’s Word correctly. This list will continue to grow over time. Click on the link of the scripture he has garbled to be taken to the article to find out how the scripture was garbled.


Gen 2:16

Gen 2:17

Genesis 4:3

Genesis 4:4



Numbers 13:30

59 thoughts on “Hillsong’s Bible Hack”

  1. Carol King said:

    This is so dumb why would anyone waste time coming up with rubbish like this…

    • G’Day Carol,

      Brian doesn’t think it’s dumb that he’s coming up with all these Bible hacks, and he definitely doesn’t think he’s wasting his time. He’s earning 300K per annum for mouthing off about nothing in front of adoring crowds, and he’s being quite sure to do it in a tax-effective way, as well.

      It’s easy money for glib frauds who aren’t concerned that one day they will have to give an account of themselves.

    • WatchmanDownunder said:

      Amen Zorro

    • Eyewrenchi J said:

      Houston is on $300 K? think its a bit more then that, Hillsong in the 2015 financial year alone made $100 Million Tax Free see online story “Hillsong Church rakes in $100m a year from its flock of 34,000.”..The Daily Telegraph July 20 2015.
      This is why I am of the firm belief that churches any religious bodies for that matter should not be tax exempt…”Give to Caeser what is Caesers…”

    • why would you waste time writing this comment? you are not perfect. Brian is not perfect. He doesn’t know all the bible verses off by heart. I think everyone should stop judging him and look at themselves. and btw this is not hate i am just stating to everyone

    • “He doesn’t know all the bible verses off by heart.”
      So why is he in the pulpit or even considered a pastor at all?

    • With all due respect Lulu, Brian enjoys pastor status , however if a man is to be a pastor then he has to fulfill that office with being above reproach( nothing in the past that has tainted him or his ministry ) , husband of one wife ( no affairs or adultery) able to teach ( he must know his subject ) able to raise his family well and be considered well by outsiders( every attack on hillsong and Brian has been at the excessive wealth, money making machine ) not a pugilist ( no fighting and bullying) understanding the things of God ( Brian does know the God of the bible) these people on this site are godly people who demand that Brian live out what he claims , we are not here to attack , we love the people in hillsong and seek to warn as many of them a possible , the message is simple you are being taken for a ride ! but if you want to continue with your ride , the by all means please do , just remember when you stand before God and have to give an account do not say you were not warned

    • “He doesn’t know all the bible verses off by heart”

      Lulu you need to rearrange your sentence.

      Brian doesn’t know the Bible at all.

    • To be fair, Brian does ‘eisegete’ the Message Bible really well. 🙂

      Cheers, Team ChurchWatch.

    • Giuseppe Romeo said:

      “Brian doesn’t know all the bible verses off by heart”

      Though he does teach that Christians are Muslims and Muslims are Christians. That’s very impressive. Imam Houston seems as well versed in the Bible as he is in the Koran.

  2. Zorro – Why beat a brother up for his sin when we are all without sin? If you’re honest with yourself you will know you sin and make errors often.

    • Wayne,

      “Why beat a brother up […]”

      Brian is many things, but he is most certainly not any “brother” of mine.

      “If you’re honest with yourself you will know you sin and make errors often.”

      Of course; that is a given. The difference between Brian and me is that I repent, whereas Brian does not (his failure to do so bearing witness that his conscience has been seared with a hot iron).

  3. Anastasia Gorny said:

    Pastor Brian and Bobbie have the matter at hand…they speak from the Heart of the Holy Spirit who is abundantly present in their music and conferences…We love His presence and cannot live without it…we will give everything for Him and He pours His Glory Favor and Power on us…dig deeper friend and ask Him to fill your heart as well…you’ll never be the same…shalom

    • Amen!

    • Are you mistaking the Holy Spirit as some sort of “feeling of satisfaction”? That signs of Christian maturity is based on feeling the vibe during flashy musical performances and Hillsong-like conferences rather than having a strong biblical understanding of sin, grace, and salvation? What is your heart being filled with right now?

      And how are you discerning “from the Heart of the Holy Spirit”? Are you basing it on comparing Brian and Bobbie’s sermons with the bible from its full and intended contextual purpose, or just simply with how much you personally agree with and like it?

  4. I know that I am a little late to the party but why do people feel the need to bash a church (and create a website for it) just because they don’t agree with what they do. I attend Hillsong church and am not saying that anyone is wrong, but Im not saying that this article is right either. One of the worst thing for the church of jesus christ is in fighting amongst fellow CHRISTIANS. Now if you have been to Hillsong services and feel as though something is wrong then pray and seek God about it.

    Also, in other articles i’ve seen on this site and others, many critique the church (Hillsong). Usually when you critique something, you critique a business. People on this site say “aghh Hillsong’s a business, Hillsong’s a business.” WHy are you viewing it as a business and then “reviewing as a business.” View it as a church first and foremost and then base your opinions of HIllsong on the fact that it is a Church.

    Also, I am a teenager who has been personally impacted by the teachings and practices of Hillsong. Many say, “Hillsong’s has a target market of you teenagers…” but I don’t think people should see it as a business/target market. They should see it as a way to grow the church (not just Hillsong Church but the body of christ). Jesus loved children as they were not only the future of the church, they were/are today, apart of the church.

    People are open to their own opinions and I respect that but bashing another church is a form of expressing ones opinions that I don’t agree with.

    • Voicing Veracity said:

      My friend, God can definitely save a person even, if the teacher is a false one. God’s word does not return void when it is preached whether it’s from false motives or true. However I was part of a large church that functioned just like the Hillsong model. I was the youth pastor and had a large number of teens attend the meetings. Many teens professed to be believers but their lives were opposite of what they professed. It deeply bothered me. Out of the group there were a small number of teens that wanted biblical teaching and those were the ones that were truly born again as opposed to the professed camp. In time those teens who wanted biblical truth and not the flashy stuff we were providing left the church and sought out a church that taught the word of God. I myself was fired because I began to abandoned that seeker friendly model and ended up starting a fellowship of believers that just want biblical content. Teens were just numbers in all our events, even though a portion of the gospel went out and touched some. It was a distorted one and most were not even touched by the false gospel. The ones God reaches is based on the work of the Holy Spirit who awakens men to their need of salvation in Christ and bypasses the false teacher all together. Those who are reached this way end up leaving the seeker friendly church in time. They begin to see right through the deception and in sorrow they depart trying to help other see the true gospel of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
      P.S. I am not advocating that God uses false teachers because Brian is a false teacher, however it could be that he quoted a scripture and that scripture convicted the person and draws them to Christ and in time that person leaves. Ive witnessed this happen several times false fellowships that i was part of and promoted.
      But they always end up leaving, or ostracized when they begin to advocate for the truth of scripture to be expounded upon.
      Voicing Veracity

    • michael williams said:

      they care that poor ignorant children could be snared by a fox…..goose bumps do not indicate the holy spirit is present…….why was music so mentioned in the old testament and what was the source of the instruments of the children of cain.

    • I think God told us to do this web site i think it was gentle leading of the spirit that spoke to me while I was picking mulberries , because you see mulberries represent the number of children of Israel that entered into the promised land of Israel and God told me that if i contribute to this web site then all that read it would be edified and you see this happens because as spiritual man the spirit edifies all that give money to the cause, and if you just send me money i will send you especially blessed mulberries complete with a dish rag to get the demons off your dishes. !

      yes that sounds ridiculous and that is what Brian Houston’s preaching is all about , just waffle,

      if you are in Hillsong use some discernment, listen to his sermons and see for yourself, if what he is teaching is truth, measure it all against the bible, remember this, in our age today we will be judged with a greater amount of judgment because we have more revelation that our forefathers , seriously anyone with a brain can see through his sermons they are not sermons of the bible, listen to one sermon of John Macarthur and hear truth being explained one verse at a time, any person who goes to Hillsong is gullible and lacks discernment.

  5. If you do a study of Eugene Peterson he follows NEW AGE TEACHERS rooted in occult follow his friendships. Worldly churches drugs, sex swap partners, pastors, leadership make porn videos to make money from the world, Thay love DAVID YONGGI CHO- Now in jail fraud FEB 21 2014 CHURCH GROWTH their mentor, Kong Hee china wine video, this go on in springs church Winnipeg Leon Fontaine good friend of Brian Houston.

  6. To Chris,

    We are reviewing your link and will be addressing this soon in an article. Thank you for alerting us to this news.

  7. Memberofthebody said:

    you idiots are the reason people hate the church. stop dividing an already imperfect body and serve God. you spend all your time hating the people God has called to lead and care for souls, and you should be ashamed of yourselves. they aren’t going to be perfect, but God is. stop micromanaging every move they make and just shut up. for the sake of the christian community and its effectiveness, just shut up. delete this stupid website and pray that God would forgive you for being so deceived by Satan. you are the deceived ones.

    • You are the reason why we exist. It’s responses like yours that only prove that these places are dangerous and brainwash Christians to hate Christians. Your accusations are baseless. Your demonising and intolerance is typical of those showing the true nature and “love” of “churches” like Hillsong.

      We have one question: What is the gospel? Please tell us.

    • NinjaSheep said:

      The gospel is the good news about what Jesus Christ has done to reconcile sinners to God. Here’s the whole story:
      1. The one and only God, who is holy, made us in his image to know him (Gen. 1:26-28).
      2. But we sinned and cut ourselves off from him (Gen. 3; Rom. 3:23).
      3. In his great love, God sent his Son Jesus to come as king and rescue his people from their enemies—most significantly their own sin (Ps. 2; Luke 1:67-79).
      4. Jesus established his kingdom by acting as both a mediating priest and a priestly sacrifice—he live a perfect life and died on the cross, thus fulfilling the law himself and taking on himself the punishment for the sins of many (Mark 10:45; John 1:14; Heb. 7:26; Rom. 3:21-26, 5:12-21); then he rose again from the dead, showing that God accepted his sacrifice and that God’s wrath against us had been exhausted (Acts 2:24, Rom. 4:25).
      5. He now calls us to repent of our sins and trust in Christ alone for our forgiveness (Acts 17:30, John 1:12). If we repent of our sins and trust in Christ, we are born again into a new life, an eternal life with God (John 3:16).

      Now that’s good news.

    • The original poster is correct and it is amazing the response that “churchwatcher” had, it could only respond with doubt, despair, intolerance and self-appointed holy sanctity, all traits Jesus liked to counter.

      You said the accusations were baseless? I just started to check this website out, and even the first article ive come across was a completely baseless accusation which never even got to the point it was trying to imagine into existence??


      > How was it fleecing money?
      Churchwatcher’s answer: They were given it freely, and it was tax exempt like all churches
      > Brain doesnt disclose how much he makes anymore
      Churchwatcher’s answer: Except afew years ago he did, and we almost acknowledge the fact he has multiple revenue sources such as books
      > Brain and friends make alot of money
      Churchwatcher’s answer: Except we have no proof or knowledge of this claim, but we’re pretty sure hes making alot, how you ask? well we’ll subtly hint that its from tithes even though we know that whatever he makes, it comes from multiple sources

      Absolutely amazing

      I genuinely wish to know if youre christian or not, because if not, then thats fine, another person trying to cause trouble, but if you are, what of the possibility youre wrong?

    • Reverend RRR said:

      “I genuinely wish to know if youre christian or not”

      Why aren’t you “genuinely asking” that question about Brian Houston? He’s the one who makes up stories about the Bible that aren’t in there.

  8. Amen to that!

    This Gospel is surprisingly absent from Hillsong or any of the social gospel churches.

    To the person who railed on the site to “shut up” and calling names. Reactions like this to a different point of view indicates fear that the opposing view is correct.

    I suggest slowing down. Take a deep breath and actually look at what they’re saying here. I suggest reason and not emotional reactions, (which come from the soul) and therefore can be completely wrong because when we’re “fired up” we tend to ignore the facts.

    Hillsong is not a church, it is a cult; a cult of personality if you will.

    Some of the posters here are former Hillsong members. So they aren’t outsiders throwing mud.

    I would suggest you do what I did when faced with the idea that I was in error over a teaching I held to. I posited the question to myself. “Ok, so what if I’m wrong and they’re right”. What could be the harm in entertaining the opposing view? If I find I’m right then no harm done. If I’m wrong then something needed to change on my end.

    The result? I found that I was wrong! Once the dam was breached it became easier and easier to abandoned sacred (wrong) beliefs and embrace the truth.

    The great blessing of all this is that God in magnified in my life more now than before.

    It can be painful at first, but taking the bitter pill, will in the end be of great benefit to you.

  9. Brian Houston Hillsong and Leon Fontaine Springs Church Winnipeg, Both are following Rick Warren, and his church growth system. That’s why Leon will have people from Saddleback Church on his show,
    Look at Brian Houston, Phil Pringle, Casey Treat, and other’s raising money to pay for Kong Hee’s Lawyers (China wine video). they are fleecing their flock’s to pay for sex video’s
    Just remember their follow friend and pastor David yonggi cho went to jail in 2014 convicted of money fraud.
    Leon Fontaine had David Yonggi Cho at spring’s Church in Winnipeg in 2001, preaching, and fleecing the flock.
    Birds of a feather flock together.

  10. what rally shocked me and points out that this has turned away from what God is and has nothing of GOD’s true interests is when Brian came out saying that islam and Christianity is one. for me when he said that he lost his pervilliage to be a pastor to me he is uncle Brian

  11. This article and all of its links are some of the most ridiculously compiled amounts of hypocritical legalistic garbage I have ever seen in regards to someone being attacked for “bible hacking”. I only read the first one (Genesis 2:16) about first fruits and Brian Houston is spot on. The fact that you came up with this article and website honestly shows more about you and your character than it does him, who did nothing wrong. You have a problem with Hillsong, take it to them, don’t bash them publicly over standalone website.

    • Tede P Shagel said:

      “take it to them, don’t bash them publicly over standalone website.”

      Why?? Hillsong makes their teaching public. Give the Scripture for your demand. There is none.

    • Jeremy you can’t take it to Hillsong or those that are engrossed by them or Rick Warren et al. If you do say something, even in love, people get angry with you and even mutter under their breath about you. That is from recent personal experience. As a result I don’t have a church home at the moment. And yes. Hillsong is a cult.

    • Many people here and elsewhere tried to take it to Hillsong, but Hillsong intentionally does not respond.

      Because Hillsong cant justify their heresies using Bible.

  12. You guys know that the bible is open to interpretation, right?

    • “You guys know that the bible is open to interpretation, right?”

      Oh dear, you are labouring under a very serious misapprehension there, Mike: the Bible means exactly what God says it means. (Perhaps you think that Jesus was wrong when he promised “[…] the Spirit of truth […] will guide you into all the truth”).

    • According to postmodernists/liberals (non-Christians) – yes.

    • These guys apparently have everything perfectly down with the bible, tell me what the bible says about predestination then.

      INB4 – “Oh no no, i just ment, like, some things in the easy to reach parts of the new testament…LOL”

      Oh okay, something easier, hmmm, how should we treat undesirables then?

      INB4 – “Throw physical stones at them with parts of the gospel written on them”

    • Reverend RRR said:

      “These guys apparently have everything perfectly down with the bible”

      That is a good thing, because Brian Houston has absolutely NOTHING correctly down with the Bible.

  13. If Jesus is being taught, where is the humility and self sacrifice that HE preached about? Seek the Lord for truth, not man.

  14. Amazing, for such a website bent on “facts” and uncovering the hard truths, it sure cant produce anything newer than a single 1999 publication, despite the fact that thousands of sermons and books have been released by Brian.

    Whats even more concerning is this website only talks negativity, it doesnt even give us an option of what is correct, which makes it difficult to ascertain if the owners of this website are actually mentally and spiritually crippled christian or just pretending to be.

    • Clearly you haven’t heard Fighting for the Faith or other articles on this site that have exposed the lies and bible twisting in Brian Houston’s more recent sermons.

    • Sadly so gullible , cannot discern truth from error , please look for truth before making such silly statements

    • Reverend RRR said:

      “Amazing, for such a website bent on “facts” and uncovering the hard truths, it sure cant produce anything newer than a single 1999 publication, despite the fact that thousands of sermons and books have been released by Brian.”

      No, what’s sad is that sexual-predator-protectors like Brian Houston exist out there who pretend to be Christians and impersonate pastors.

      What’s even sadder is that there are morons like you who defend him.

      Saddest of all, despite the fact that ‘thousands of sermons and books have been released by Brian’, yet not 1 can be found in which he correctly exegetes the Bible, yet tens of thousands of people sit there listening to him, week after week.

    • Reverend RRR said:

      “it sure cant produce anything newer than a single 1999 publication, despite the fact that thousands of sermons and books have been released by Brian.”

      PS: The Royal Commission happened much more recently than 1999. Go testify to them about your 1999 date, and we’ll all watch you get laughed out of Australia for your stupidity.

    • How’s this for current then…

      Brian Houston preaches from “The Message” which isn’t even a Bible! It changes critical doctrines of the Bible in hundreds of places. It is based upon a Greek NT text which was concocted by occultists, Westcott & Hort, who also practiced Mary Worship and Evolutionism and denied the truth of the Biblical creation account. Don’t worry about 1999. That’s last Sunday!

  15. to Rev RRR , please tell me about your credentials ?Are you really a Rev as you have claimed? Where do you stand on the inerrancy of scripture ? Do you believe the bible to be the plenary, inerrant , verbally inspired word of God ? if you do then I would expect you to be on this site joining these people in condemning Brian Houston. I dont know any of these people personally , but I do know this, all of us that come on here to challenge Brian Houstons credibility, do so because we Love God and we love his word. If you really love God you will love his truth and will have a desire to see that truth boldly proclaimed. You will have a compassion for all the misguided people in Hillsong who have been fed a lie , you will seek to see people grow in truth.

    For the record I know Brian Houston , I knew his father , I know more than what a lot of people on this site know and I can honestly say you are out of your league , To simply stick up for this man because of his following with out investigating truth tells me you are either unsaved and ignorant , or just down right gullible. As for the people on this site keep going on with the truth , What you might not see is the many who have come and gone through Hillsongs revolving door who really are genuine believers , who have been hurt and crushed by the man who you like , for that you should hang your head in shame

    • ” I knew his father”
      And many assume we don’t know Brian his father…

      “What you might not see is the many who have come and gone through Hillsongs revolving door who really are genuine believers”
      They talk to us.

    • Reverend RRR said:

      “if you do then I would expect you to be on this site joining these people in condemning Brian Houston.”

      Are you crazy ?? How did you misinterpret my posts ?? I think they are clear, I have not supported Brian Houston .. How did you get that from my posts ??

      “I know more than what a lot of people on this site know and I can honestly say you are out of your league”

      Really ?? You don’t know more than me .. Again I do not support Houston ..

      “To simply stick up for this man because of his following with out investigating truth tells me you are either unsaved and ignorant , or just down right gullible. for that you should hang your head in shame”

      I make no apologies about my posts .. I did not stick up for Houston .. How did you get that from my posts ?? Fella, maybe you should take a reading comprehension course, because my comments were directed to “jin” and “Brian Houston” not you ..

    • Well said Darren!

  16. I suppose this blogsite is already as good as defunct. Hopefully because the contributors finally have the sense to do better things than to point out specks of sawdust on other’s eyes while ignoring the planks of their own self-righteousness on their own.

    Glad this one’s over.

    • Check out https://churchwatchcentral.com/, certainly not “defunct”.

    • Burn Baby, Burn (Heretic Inferno) said:

      “I suppose this blogsite is already as good as defunct.”

      What a very worldly viewpoint you have, Kevin. Whether or not this site is defunct is not the point; what is germane is the fact that Brian’s condemnation is still hanging over him. Each day that passes is a day closer to the moment he will be thrown into the lake of fire for his arrogance in having claimed to speak on behalf of God, and for having peddled damnable heresies from the pit of hell. What will he do with all his money when that day comes, Kevin?

      Unless Brian repents he will most certainly burn. Are you still planning to join him?

  17. This is the most ridiculous web site i have ever seen. Go to a Hillsong service and then make a comment. Don’t be lead by ignorant uninformed people on this site. Hillsong church shows what a true Christian lead by Holy Spirit is

    • We do go to Hillsong occasionally. So how are we uninformed if we are not ignorant?

    • “Go to a Hillsong service and then make a comment.”

      Hey Kel, you don’t have to go swimming in a septic tank to know that sewage stinks.

      (Of course, swimming in a septic tank would be preferable to attending one of Brian’s meetings…)

    • Thanks Kel. A more solipsistic statement has never been crafted. Let me rephrase your statement so people can see more clearly how illogical it is…

      “The people and preachers at Hillsong Church are true Christians led by the Holy Spirit *because* I’ve attended a Hillsong service.”

      This is *precisely* the type of cognitively dissonant mentality abhorred by lovers of the Truth (2 Thes 2:10 KJB) and which dominates the lives of leaders and followers of the Hillsong apostasy!

      Everything about the Hillsong corporation is antithetical to Biblical Christianity. Read a book!

  18. Peter Frølich-Ceresino said:

    Hey Kel! I was a leader in a Hillsong Church and in 4 years I listened to endless lying about prosperity, name-it-claim it, pastors being entertainers (no, entertainers being pastors) and what is sin called? loosing kingdom-potential…I have left; one day I was sitting and watching a commercial (church news) for Color-conference with lightly dressed photomodels dancing on a beach…then I realized..what a flesh controlled movement..I left everything. My wife came later out of it and now I witness for a member one-by-one face-to-face to get the person out of Brians “vision”..
    Go and tell them in the church?? They do not care…they have good music, love, parties and the pastor tells that Malaki says if You tithe you will get blessed with money..direct lie. Yes, Kel. Take a skype meeting with me and defend your church. I am told I am a pharisee and not positive.
    ..because Hillsong knows that “we all wanna belong”

    p.s. watch operah winfrey “Supersoul sunday” with Carl Lentz. If that shows you a christian pastor…you need to go back to second grade..

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